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“The Lord is setting you up for a victory that will offend darkness, confound the wisdom of darkness, and the antichrist spirit”. 

In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z teaches how to break free from hell’s economy. He informs us that we’re in a valley of decision, a rise of light and darkness, but the Lord is releasing an avenue of restoration. He reminds us that in the Book of Exodus 10, it was dark in Egypt but there was light in Goshen; insisting that we’re approaching a time of justice where the rain will fall on the just and unjust alike. He further leads us to the Book of Isaiah 10:27, to remind us that the anointing of God destroys the yoke. He further explains that as the anointing grows upon us, we will begin to outgrow the containment of those keeping us in suppression, until we outgrow our containment. 

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Moving on, Joseph explains that God wants the best for us, which is becoming a crushing disappointment to the kingdom of darkness, and being completely free from the grips of darkness. This is why we must reach the level of freedom that the Lord has for us, to move from 30, 60, to 100 where we become completely free from the enemy’s grip. Also, he leads us to the Book of  1 Chronicles 12:32 to instruct us about the importance of understanding the times and seasons. He brings to our knowledge that the sons of Issachar understood the times, knew what to do about it, and were aligned with the right tribe to execute their plans. 

Similarly, he explains that being in the right tribal alignment will push us forward into discovering what God has called us to do because when we find our people, we discover our purpose in life. He further reveals that the way to know we’re with the right people is when we find ourselves in places where we’re celebrated and not tolerated. He also informs us that darkness wants to instigate cyber issues especially at this moment in time when we want to choose our leaders, but the Lord will bring a stop to it. He further exposes that oil will rescue us from the economic woe we’re currently experiencing while insisting that there will be a recovery of lands for those who lost theirs unjustly. 

Further, Joseph informs us that we’re God’s secret weapon, and he will use us to destroy the kingdom of darkness. He references the book of Matthew 24 to urge us to pray so that the timeline of some of the narratives will be altered. He asserts that when we begin to outgrow the yoke and align with our tribe, God will grant us a great favor. He also assures us that it’s time to receive Biblical returns in our lives while insisting that the prodigals are coming back home. In addition, he discloses that the oaks are leaving and the redwoods are coming, a united front to stand against the gates of hell to command darkness to move out of the way. 


0:00 Introduction

01:32 The Valley of Decision

03:51 Isaiah 10:27: The Anointing Destroys the Yoke

10:05 Be Bold as a Lion!

11:09 You are Called to Destroy the Yoke

13:51 Collision of Saul’s & David’s Household

14:20 1 Chronicles 12:32: Sons of Issachar

16:00 How to Know if You’re in the Right Tribal Alignment

22:24 How We Can Fix Our  Economy

23:39 Recovery of Lands Unjustly Lost

26:09 You are God’s Secret Weapon

31:55 Individual Prophecies: Receive Your Liberation

39:30 Conclusion