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“Sickness is illegal against your body if you’re a believer in Jesus”.

Heather Z shares the details of her supernatural encounter and what she saw and heard in between life and death! You will be encouraged!

Heather’s story proves how the enemy attacks great destinies because he does not want God’s glory in them to manifest. Be inspired by Heather’s story in today’s live broadcast as she boldly shares her inspiring story of how she snapped her neck during a gymnastic move, which later led to her demise but was miraculously brought back to life by God. She begins by sharing what she experienced within the short time her spirit left the earth, revealing that she didn’t realize she had passed at that time because she immediately began to see a new setting, a beautiful glassy grass, and the hand of God. 

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Interestingly, she shares God’s message to her, during her short time in His holy presence and how she immediately came back to life after God spoke to her. Also, Heather discloses how her case was added to the book of miracles at the hospital where she was admitted because she defied all medical expectations. She further reveals the ugly experience she had with a friend as a teenager and how drugs were slipped into her drink during that time, which made her unconscious for a while until she later regained consciousness after some time. She urges those who find themselves in that situation at the moment to open up to their loved ones to get the help they need. 

More interestingly, Heather reveals how she met her spouse, at a time, when she felt unworthy of his love while also sharing the miraculous experience she had with her first pregnancy journey. She further takes a brave step to share her story with her second child who was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years old. She also reveals how she struggled with him at this time and prayed consistently for him which later transformed him into a very active child, capable of many things to the glory of God. She concludes with a prayer for all those who are sick in their bodies to receive healing and wholeness in the name of Jesus! Amen!


0:00 Introduction

01:35 Heather’s Near-Death Experience

04:56 God’s Words to Heather 

05:42 I Designed You Specifically for an Assignment

06:30 The Moment Heather Came Back to Life

09:18 Heather’s Inspiring Life Story 

11:48 Don’t Hold it In!

18:17 Heather’s Miraculous Pregnancy Journey

24:06 Your First Response is EVerything

27:57 Heather’s Healing Ministration: Conclusion