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Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about an event he fears will befall the earth on April 13th, 2029, and Sunday 30th, March 2036. He believes the near-earth asteroid, Apophis will hit the Earth within the stipulated period. He shares a clip detailing the features of this asteroid and the devastating effect it will have on Earth, which he attributes to why the world’s billionaires are building underground bunkers. He further questions why building underground cities has become a priority for the world’s elites and why their most appropriate location is Hawaii, if not for protecting themselves from Asteroid Apophis. 

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In like manner, Joseph revisits his past prophetic broadcast of August 7, 2023, where he revealed that the years 2029 and 2030 are when the World Economic Forum has stipulated to mark their digital cage agenda; what with their fifteen-minute cities and digital currency goals. He also revealed on that broadcast, that the asteroid Apophis will get in the news more. Further exposing that asteroid Apophis is named after an ancient Egyptian god of chaos, predicted to hit the earth on April 13th, 2029. He further insists that the reason for the elites’ underground cities is because they are aware of this disaster and are making preparations to secure their lives and that of their families. 

Further, he recalls his live broadcast of September 28, 2022, where he alerted us about NASA’s successful move in redirecting an asteroid, which he believes could be because of the danger that certain asteroids portend if they are allowed to hit the Earth. Interestingly, he shares an image of Apophis revealing the sizes in closer looks. Regardless of all these, he urges us to pray to alter most of these narratives while declaring that this will not strike the earth at the wrong time.  He further encourages us all to wake up, and repent to repair, for there is one more round for us which we must make judicial use of. He then speaks life, favor, direction, and peace over us while declaring that we will be safe by God’s mercy. 


0:00 Introduction

01:56 Friday, 13th April 2029: What You Need to Know

04:19 Asteroid Apophis: Details and Potential Danger

10:19 Why the Sudden Interest in Building Underground Cities?

12:56 Joseph’s Past Prophetic Warning about 2029/2030

18:11 NASA’s Unholy Activities: What You Need to Know

21:54 The DART Mission: What You Need to Know

22:19 Images of Asteroid Apophis

28:12 Wake Up! Repent to Repair!

35:25 Conclusion