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“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.

Today on the No Limits Q&A session, we have the privilege of learning from renowned men of God. They answer questions surrounding prophecy, the importance of attending church, accountability for New Testament prophets, and what to do when a loved one does not believe in God. Joseph Z begins by addressing the confusion surrounding the prophetic and office of the prophet, revealing that God calls prophets to foretell the future; however, the five-fold ministry endorses the prophetic office.  Also, we are led to understand that being present in the church is important because high tech doesn’t beat high touch and we must be in person to worship God wholy. 

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Moving on, Joseph discloses that God is calling on men to stand up, revealing that a Jezebel spirit is rampant to shut men down; thereby, hindering them from assuming their true position by leading in ways they should. Regardless, we must understand that we can’t be happy until we become who God has made us to be. Once more, he addresses accountability in the New Testament prophets, because the Old Testament prophets were punished by stoning if they dared make any move at deceiving the people. He also makes us understand that through the five-fold submission of one to another, the New Testament prophets are put in check because it’s out of order for anyone to put themselves above the fivefold ministry. 

In like manner, Pastor Bob clarifies that the church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus being the chief cornerstone. On the heels of this, he explains that the Old Testament prophets were instilled with the Holy Spirit, as such they were stone if they spoke outside the word of God because the word of God is perfect. He also makes us understand that pastors should have apostles and prophets; however, we must realize that no one is perfect except Jesus, and in Him, we gain our perfection. On the other hand, Joseph makes us realize that a true prophet of God does not force themselves on people, but rather operates in humility and compassion and anyone who operates contrary to these virtues is not a true prophet of God. 

In addition, Joseph addresses concerns about the church’s role politically, revealing that we need to be salt and light, impacting the seven mountains of influence, through our schools, churches, and various communities. More importantly, he addresses how to approach family members who do not believe in  God, revealing that the best thing to do is pray for them that God may send men of God their path who will affect them positively and lead them to God. He further urges us to obey God in our space and He will do the same for us in our various families. 


0:00 Introduction

03:26 Do You Need to be In Church?

08:40 How God is Touching Men at Our Time

14:50 Old & New Testament Prophets: Accountability for the New Prophets

18:13 The Church: Build on the Foundation of Apostles & Prophets

22:19 Should Pastors have Apostles & Prophets?

25:39 Stay Small in Your Eyes

30:44 What is the Church’s Role Politically?

35:29 How to Approach Relatives that Don’t Believe in God

38:10 Conclusion