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Learn about the antichrist technology of immortality, as Joseph Z exposes the dark side of cryonics and cybernetic immortality. He begins by showing a clip, detailing the science of cryonics, which is the process of freezing one’s body who died from a terminal disease, awaiting a future cure for that disease that may eventually bring the person back to life. He points out the reason for this which is an obsession for mortality propelled by an antichrist spirit to lure people into a future without God. He also alerts us about cybernetic immortality where one’s consciousness is uploaded to a computer, turning it into a computer simulation. 

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Interestingly, Joseph brings our attention to Elon’s latest technology, Neuralink, an implant designed to let one control a computer or mobile device from anywhere. He points out what we may be ignoring in this brilliant technology, which is the control it has over the lives of its patients. He raises concern over this technological ability to harness the masses completely; observing that, with how fast technology moves, in no short time, every kid would love to have this chip in their head. 

More interestingly, he shares another clip showing the global agenda, geared towards having absolute control over humans, even to the point of monitoring what happens under their skin. He further reveals where the nation is, the ups and downs, the downward pummel of our social values, and the bizarre global agenda seeking total control of humans. Regardless, he assures us of intervention, victory, and a collision of light and darkness while insisting that darkness cannot win when Jesus is Lord. 


0:00 Introduction

05:07 Obsession of Immortality without God

07:33 Cybernetic Immortality: Uploading Consciousness?

12:41 Neuralink: What You Need to Know

25:23 Noah Harari & the Weird Global Agenda

27:24 The Nations: Standpoint

33:13 Conclusion