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Learn about America’s prophetic future in today’s live broadcast, as Joseph Z shares insights into eighty-seven years after Jonah and the coming eclipse in DC. He leads us to the Book of Jeremiah 18:6-9 to remind us about God’s power to tear down a nation and also rebuild it if the nation repents of its sins; further reminding us that He, God is the potter and we are the clay, that is to say, He can mold us however He pleases. He clarifies that the church is not appointed for wrath, but there is a humbling approaching, which he believes will begin with the church.

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Also, Joseph leads us to the Book of Nahum 1:2 to inform us that, not only is the Lord slow to anger, but also great in power and will not leave the guilty unpunished. Again, he insists that the Oaks are transitioning and the Redwoods are coming while sharing a prophetic revelation he received about George Washington’s image in a fog. Further sharing the recent historical discoveries at George Washington’s estate, revealing it’s a prophetic message from God, assuring us of the preservation of the US. 

Once more, he warns that the Lord will not acquit the wicked, just as we’ve seen in the Book of Nahum:1. He further informs us that the sign of Jonah is the sign of what Jesus did while exposing that the Book of Nahum is dealing once again with Nineveh only that this time, it’s eighty-seven years after Jonah went to Nineveh. Interestingly, he reveals some prophetic insights into the coming eclipse in DC, linking it to the 2111 August 4, Greatest Eclipse. He prays for one more round to preach the gospel while pushing back against the wicked ideology coming against the church. He then assures us there’ll be a way no matter the turn our nation takes. 


0:00 Introduction

07:00 This is not the End!

07:48 Jeremiah 18:6-9

11:47 Nahum 1:2: The Lord is a Jealous God

12:46 Departure of the Oaks & the Coming of the Redwoods

16:41 George Washington: Prophetic Message

19:22 Historical Discoveries at George Washington’s Estate

21:53 Preservation for the United States

30:53 The 2111 August 4 Greatest Eclipse: Prophetic Message

46:37 Conclusion