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“Though the vision tarries, wait for it, it will surely come”.

In this prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z  reveals a forty-day period in which we will experience four major events alongside a time of shelter and protection in the middle of the storm. He informs us that the Ark is a sign of preservation and protection, insisting that we will see generational preservation and advancement of the coming generation. He asserts that it’s not the end yet, as we are coming into a time of great pressure, and for the lord to answer the prayers of the righteous, there will be a shaking but the children of the Lord will come out at the other side. He exposes that oil will be discovered in our land and its production will save the nation from economic difficulty.

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Joseph also reveals that we have one more round as a nation because the young lions are coming alongside generations X, Y, and Z. He explains that Generation Z is a pivotal generation while the Alpha Generation is the Joseph Generation that will be made of steel. Although there will be very few of them, they will rise as many. He instructs that we should wait for our vision even though it tarries while urging those yet to discover theirs to read God's word to know their vision. He further exposes that we are in the eye of the storm, and the Lord expects us to engage in long-term goals. 

Reassuringly, Joseph informs us that God’s hand is upon our lives and the knowledge of this truth will make us bold to challenge the evil culture. He also asserts that there is a hidden vein of Gold for those who are obedient, who give up to go up, and those who keep serving God against all odds; insisting that God will finance and answer the fight inside of us. He references the Book of Acts 15 to explain the role of prophets in the Body of Christ. He then blesses every one of us, praying that the spirit of God will make a way for us. 


0:00 Introduction

01:53 The Ark: A Time of Shelter & Protection

06:14 This is not the End!

09:14 Discovery of Oil/ Oil production

15:19 One More Round: The Young Lions

17:24 Generations X, Y, Z: What You Need to Know

22:05 A Time of New Beginnings

30:23 God’s Hand is Upon Your Life

31:54 The Hidden Vein of Gold

34:27 Acts 15

52:35 Conclusion