Red Church w/ Special Guest Pastor Mark Cowart!

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“I sent my word to heal them and to deliver them from their destruction”.

Pastor Mark Cowart ministers to us in today’s Red Church. He enlightens us about America’s history, revealing that America is a Christian nation while educating us about the seven mountains of influence, or the Mountain of the Lord as he calls it. He references the Book of Micah 4:1-2 to alert us about this mountain which will be exalted above the hills and all the people will stream to it. He outlines the mountain of influence in society, the mountain of family, religion/worship, celebration, business, government, media, and education. He reveals that to impact any culture for God’s kingdom, one must touch the seven mountains of influence. 

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Pastor Mark also points out the church’s error in not utilizing all seven mountains of influence to dominate the culture and win souls for the kingdom. He sensitizes us about the Black Robe Regiment, which laid the foundation for what God did in America. He further discloses that America was born out of trying to get out of tyranny, they fled from England because of a quest for freedom of religion, to practice their worship of God in a way that we deem fit. Once again, he reveals that anytime the word of God is preached, God has something to watch over, perform, and bring healing and deliverance to the people. 

Interestingly, he instructs that revival and reformation are messy, contemptuous, and divisive just as the word of God says in 1 Corinthians 11:19, “There must be division among us, that those who have the approval of God can be made manifest”. He makes us understand that the three branches of government are derived from the Book of Isaiah 33:22, which says, “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us”. He urges us to go back to the word of God being declared once again. 

In like manner, Pastor Mark leads us back to history, reminiscing the great sacrifice those before us made for the religious freedom we enjoy today. He reveals there’s an army of God rising now which we are a part of because God does not need a majority but a committed minority of people keen on setting the fire of freedom and liberty in the hearts of men. He then prays that God provides seeds to the sowers and that the opposition we face as a nation will be stepping stones to the next level.