Are We Living in the End Times?

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Learn about the end times in today’s live prophetic broadcast, as Joseph Z and Bob Yandian provide insights into this discourse. Pastor Bob informs us that we’re living in the end times.  Revealing also what happened before Israel went into captivity for seventy years, through to the period when they were redeemed by God after they repented from their sins. He also gives an account of the second segment of Israel’s freedom, how they made the law their god through to the coming of Jesus and Israel’s treaty with the antichrist leading to the coming of the gospel of the kingdom which will be preached worldwide before the end finally comes. 

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Pastor Bob also explains that Jesus came as the lamb of God, resurrected, and He became the lion of the tribe of Judah while informing us that the antichrist cannot reveal himself until the church is raptured. He also makes us understand that the antichrist is after the nation of Israel and toward the end of the tribulation, the antichrist will impose himself as God before the coming of Christ after a few years, when he will defeat the evil one and reclaim His throne. He further informs us that we are charged with the responsibility of preaching the gospel at this time and not to fear what is to come or what evil abounds in the land. 

Interestingly, he reveals that we’re in the birth pangs at this time, exposing that the kingdom of God is within us and we’re expected to win souls for God. He further analyzes the tribulation, what to expect, and the meaning of the tribulation verse which says “The Gospel and the kingdom will be preached worldwide before Christ’s coming”. He then urges us not to fear because Christ had already warned ahead of time that these trials and tribulations would come before the coming of Christ. 


0:00 Introduction

03:42 Are We Living in the End Times?

04:58 Israel Turns the Law into a god

06:10 Prelude to the End of the World

08:11 Jesus Came as The Lamb of God

08:45 Where do We Stand during the End Time?

09:50 What We Must Do as Christians

11:35 Understanding Birth Pangs

13:33 What is God’s Kingdom

16:05 Is the Gospel Preached Worldwide at this Time?

24:39 Prayer: Conclusion