What Is Gods Timing?

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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z and Pastor Bob Yandian enlighten us about the dispensations of the world beginning from the age of innocence down to Jesus’ dispensation. Pastor Bob explains the dispensations to be God’s time-period, the first time-period being the age of innocence which is the creation of Adam and Eve. The conscience dispensation followed this, then human government during which the Tower of Babel was built, which opened up the evangelism we have today. This is also followed by the dispensation of Israel, which occurred under Abraham, followed by the dispensation of the law. Then came the dispensation of Jesus which rose above the dispensation of the law. Interestingly, he explains that the breaking up of Israel or the end of Israel’s time will birth the tribulation. 

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Also, Pastor Bob discloses that from when Israel was rescued from captivity, God started counting the years up to the beginning of the church age, to the Pentecost where the church was firmly formed till the resurrection of Jesus which made us born again ever since. He further reveals that the church age ends when the church is raptured, and this leads to the last seven years of Jewish history, where the gospel will be given back to the nation of Israel, from where it will be preached to the entire world. 

More interestingly, Pastor Bob clarifies that when Jesus comes back at the end of the tribulation, satan would move to take over the world, but would fail because of complete darkness all over the world which will render the enemy’s armies useless. Further, he discloses that God will rule from the nation of Israel because Israel is the eternal kingdom of this earth, and the reign of Jesus will be great; characterized by righteousness and peace. He further exposes that Melchizedek was a type of Jesus Christ because he was a king-priest and there was no king-priest in the Old Testament; interestingly, Jesus Christ is a King priest. 


0:00 Introduction

01:34 Understanding the Dispensations

06:00 Every Believer is a Priest: The Rapture

06:51 Events Leading Up to the Church Age

10:03 The End of the Tribulation: What You Need to Know

11:05 The Valley of Jehoshaphat

14:04 Jesus Re-establishes His Kingdom on Earth

16:56 Melchizedek: A Type of Jesus

20:33 Prayer: Conclusion