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In today’s prophetic update, Joseph Z alerts us about the superpowers of ChatGPT, the dangers of Singularity, and foreboding geo storms. He begins by sharing a clip detailing a perfect interaction between humans and AI, showing how it solves math problems effortlessly. What seems more impressive is its conversational prowess and impeccable sense of humor. Recall that Joseph had warned in one of his past broadcasts on December 31, 2022, that AI would soon attain a singularity level, a stage where humanity and tech merge. He also reveals that there will be a silent step with AI, which has since progressed from 2019 to the present while warning that in the coming years, it wouldn't be about the AI but who’s programming it and their intentions. Also, he revisits his live broadcast of March 2, 2024, where he referenced the Book of Revelation 13:11 to reveal biblical secrets about AI and its capabilities. 

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Moving on, Joseph shares his vision about Barron Trump, aired on May 12, 2024, where he revealed that God’s hand is upon him, and represents a generation of young lions because there’s an anointing of separation on him. On the other hand, he warns about geo storm, which is about storms and things appearing in the heavens. He believes this is a prelude to bigger events, and will be blamed on solar flares even though it’s weather tampering by the elites. He further insists that Barron Trump is a sign of another round of elevated leadership.  Interestingly, he shares a short clip about their visit to Noah’s Ark, on May 15, 2024, showing the first place where Noah sacrificed to God after the flood. 

In like manner, Joseph recalls his live broadcast of May 16, 2024, where Pastor Bob shared some leadership secrets. He brings to our knowledge that every leader, good or bad has something to offer; good leaders teach us what to do while bad ones teach us things to avoid. Again, he leads us to understand that every hero has his Achilles heel, but the only perfect person is Jesus. He went on to share that we should choose to learn from a leader at every opportunity we get, even people we do not like. Further disclosing the lessons from the leader he served under, revealing that if everyone in the body of Christ finds out where they’re supposed to be and accepts it, no force on earth can stop the body of Christ. 


0:00 Introduction

03:14 AI & The Singularity: Joseph’s Past Prophecy on AI

04:39 Revelation 13:11: Biblical Warning about AI

07:27 Joseph’s Vision about Barron Trump

09:05 Geostorm: What You Need to Know

13:11 The First Place of Noah’s Sacrifice after the Flood

18:11 Leadership Secrets: Leadership Examples

20:42 How to Receive from a Leader

26:39 Leadership Impartations

28:28 Conclusion