IRAN PROPHECY (from May 2022) A word from the 7 Churches Current Prophetic Events!

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Learn about Joseph Z's past prophecy of May 3, 2022, where he revealed that something will be unwrapped in Iran and that serious events will begin to manifest including a loss of life. Moving on, he informs us of a coming flood representing the washing away of the assault on this generation. He also discloses that 2025 will be a year of fire while revealing that we will see restoration, which will come at a great cost. 

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Interestingly, Joseph takes us on a tour of his journey, we see John the Revelator's home, the church of Progomom which is the first church born in Progomom, and once a place of immorality but was converted into a church; fulfilling the saying of our Lord, that the “Gates of hell shall not prevail against His church”. We also see the Hierapolis where Philip was murdered alongside his daughter.

On the other hand, Joseph recalls his live broadcast of May 14, 2024, where he alerted us about the growing prowess of ChatGPT, as we see in its ability to solve a math problem easily and its unrivaled language interpretation skills. Recall that on December 31, 2022, Joseph warned in his live broadcast that AI is headed toward the singularity, a level where humanity and tech merge. Once more, he takes us back to his live broadcast of March 2, 2024, where he referenced the Book of Revelation 13:11 to expose the hidden biblical warning about Artificial Intelligence. 

Further, he revisits his live broadcast of May 12, 2024, where he revealed his vision about Barron Trump. He discloses that God’s hand is upon him and he represents a generation of young lions that will rise to bring hope and beacon for the coming generation. In like manner, Joseph warns about geo storms that will come onto the scene, most of which will be caused by weather tampering induced by global elites. In addition, he shares the location of Noah’s Ark and where Noah offered his first sacrifice after the flood. 


0:00 Introduction

02:00 A Coming Flood

02:45 2025: A Year of Fire

04:27 Short Glimpse at Joseph’s Journey

10:55 The Superpowers of ChatGPT

14:13 AI & The Singularity

15:39 Revelation 13:11: Biblical Warning about AI

18:26 Joseph’s Vision of Barron Trump

24:11 A Look at Mount Judi: Noah’s Ark Location

26:19 Conclusion