NEPHILIM ENTITY ON PLANE!! King Charles RED PAINTING,**Strike the Ground 7Xs Prophecy!!*

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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to an incident recently; an alien entity with an inhuman feature was sighted aboard a plane. A passenger on the same plane as the alien freaked out after seeing such an entity which attracted the attention of the other passengers. Joseph believes this event could be fake, but there’s every tendency that it could also be real because of the times we’re living in. Again, he alerts us about climate religion and a particular solar geo-engineering experiment that entails shooting aerosols into the sky to increase cloud cover, hoping to prevent global warming. However, Joseph warns that this action is not to save the environment but to induce what the elites have been threatening and predicting for years. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that the WEF president, Klaus Schwab is stepping down by 2025. Recall that the WEF's mission is to help improve the state of the world. However, Joseph believes their plans are losing to those standing up to challenge their nefarious agenda. Once more, he informs us there will be an increase in the solar flares narrative, which will be leveraged to induce an agenda that will be blamed on solar flares. He also discloses there will be a “reveal” of hidden characters in the fall or mid or late summer, and believes these characters will be revealed in Chicago. 

Joseph further speaks about the resilience of the church and the need to apply faith in God’s word. Although this year is a year of do-overs, he assures us that it will not be to the demise of the righteous. He reveals that the Air Force will make the news alongside financial setbacks, urging us to pray and delay all that is to come. He references the Book of 2 Kings 13:18 to encourage the church to strike the ground seven times in faith for a breakthrough. He then assures us that the Lord is making a great way of strength for us and raising the spirit of boldness in us. 


0:00 Introduction

1:00 Alien on a Plane?

04:36 Climate Religion: Solar Geo-Engineering

10:19 WEF: Klaus Schwab Stepping Down?

11:44 The King Charles’ Portrait Raising Dust

14:44 Rise in the Solar Flares Narrative & Increase in Geostorms

16:16 Hidden Characters: Fall/Mid/Late Summer

18:00 The Resilience of the Church

21:15 The Airforce: Financial Setbacks: What You Need to Know

23:55 2 Kings 13:17-18: Strike the Ground

33:00 Conclusion