NANO-TECH PROPHECY from 2019—Prophetic Update! **Special MINISTRY TRIP to the RUSSIAN CHURCH**

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Today’s live prophetic update explores the science of Microrobotics, which is the creation of miniature robots, known as microrobots, that are often developed for research purposes or specific uses in the biotech industry, like diagnostics and treatment. Joseph Z shares a video detailing Ray Kurzweil’s project to achieve biological immortality with the help of nanobots believed to repair our bodies from the inside out and reverse aging. Recall that Joseph had earlier revealed in his live prophetic broadcast of December 31, 2019, that there would be a microscopic technology that would lengthen life and establish uploadable consciousness, alongside an ability for people to live longer than before. 

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Moving on, Joseph draws our attention to a clip showing an alien in a plane alongside other passengers whose inhuman features sent the passengers aboard, agog. He believes this could be real or fake but considering the times we are in, there is every tendency that this may be real. Once more, he draws our attention to climate religion and a particular solar geo-engineering experiment that entails shooting aerosols into the sky to increase cloud cover, hoping to prevent global warming. However, Joseph warns that this action is not to save the environment but to induce what the elites have been threatening and predicting for years. 

It may also interest you to know that, Klaus Schwab is stepping down in 2025 as the president of the World Economic Forum. Joseph believes that this may be because their agenda is yet to see the light of the day, thanks to all those who have stood up to fight against their dubious nefarious global agenda. He further alerts us about King Charles's controversial painting, whose negative image depicts an entity that raises questions. Interestingly, he informs us there will be a rise in the solar flares narrative, which will be leveraged to induce an agenda that will be blamed on solar flares. He also discloses there will be a “reveal” of hidden characters in the fall, mid or late summer, and believes these characters will be revealed in Chicago. 

Further, Joseph reveals that we need to get in faith behind God’s word because another round is coming which will not be to the demise of the righteous, but will be the sound of a roar in the earth; requiring exposure and collision. He leads us to the Book of 2 Kings 13:17-18, which commanded Jehoash to strike the ground to defeat the enemies of Israel. On the heels of this, Joseph urges us to strike the ground seven times in faith for our breakthrough. In addition, he recalls his past prophecy of May 3, 2022, where he revealed that something would be unwrapped in Iran and that serious events would begin to manifest including a loss of life. Moving on, he informs us of a coming flood representing the washing away of the assault on this generation. He also discloses that 2025 will be a year of fire while revealing that we will see restoration, which will come at a great cost.


0:00 Introduction

01:23 Ray Kurzweil & His Ambitious Move to Immortality 

02:11 Joseph’s Past Prophecy on Microrobots

02:32 An Alien Aboard a Plane?

08:00 Geoengineering Experient: What You Need to Know

12:50 WEF: Klaus Schwab Stepping Down?

14:13 King Charles’s Controversial Painting

17:15 A Rise in the Solar Flare Narrative: Geostorms

19:00 Fall/Mid-Summer Events: Hidden Characters

25:31 2 Kings 13:17-18: Strike the Ground Seven Times

29:53 Joseph’s Past Prophecy about Iran

33:11 Prophetic Words for Russia: Conclusion