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In today’s No Limit Q&A Session, we celebrate the Lord’s provision with a testimony from our congregant who sowed a seed of faith and reaped the same measure, four times more. This nudged Heather’s memory about the word from God at the beginning of the year, assuring us of four times more than we put in this year in all our endeavors. Interestingly, Joseph shares how old he was when he realized he had a prophetic gift, and how God’s word and mentorship shaped him to become better at hearing from God. 

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Also, Heather shares her near-death experience, how she snapped her neck in a gymnastic move that led to her demise for a short while, during which she saw herself in heaven where she witnessed a different environment, and heard from God. In her experience, she informs us that death is not fearful, as one sees familiar faces who have long passed and captivating beautiful settings. She also explains that one travels at the speed of thought when one is dead because when she saw some blade-like beautiful gold grasses; she desired to be outside in the field and immediately found herself there. She further shares how she desired not to return to the world, but God informed her it was time to go and assured her it would be okay because He’s got her in His hands.

More interestingly, the doctors at the hospital where she was admitted were amazed because her case was a hopeless one but every damage they expected to find was healed at the time she returned to her body. Coincidentally, as she was going through this experience, Joseph was being thrown out of his house because of his faith, and at that same time, he got a prophetic word that there was a girl for him, whom he would be a protection to. On the heels of this, Joseph assures us that God’s spirit is upon us and we can win in the middle of any challenge. In addition, Heather prays for everyone, declaring that our covenant is working on our behalf while releasing God’s peace in our hearts and minds. 


0:00 Introduction

09:48 Four Times More: Testimony 

12:41 Joseph’s Prophetic Calling

15:04 Heather’s Near-Death Experience

29:36 Heather’s Miraculous Pregnancy Journey

30:59 Jesus Wants You to Win

31:38 Healing Prayer: Conclusion