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Learn how to discover your vision in today’s Red Church broadcast, as Joseph Z outlines ways to realize our vision. He instructs that the way to know our vision when we’re not aware of what it is is to serve another’s vision and in the process, we discover ours. He clarifies that part of fulfilling God’s assigned vision is the freedom to stay where we are or go where God sends us. He also makes us understand that there are visions in every one of us, and delay in achieving it,  is not denial. He references the Book of Habakkuk 2:2 to teach us to write our vision and make it plain, so that he may run, who reads it. 

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Moving on, he instructs that God puts things in our hearts to be accomplished at an appointed time and when our vision is yet to be accomplished, we are expected to serve in faithfulness, and wearing the right countenance. He leads us to understand that our vision will be fulfilled at the appointed time even though it tarries. Interestingly, he explains that waiting on the Lord means binding ourselves to Him and not wavering no matter the circumstance. 

Joseph further compares visions to pregnancy, as we ingest God’s word into our hearts, it grows if our hearts are in a good place. Again, he clarifies that while waiting for our vision to be fulfilled, we’re expected to serve and not give in to bitterness, because every time we succumb to negativity, our vision is delayed. He urges us to keep our faith alive, believing in God to bring our vision to fruition. Once more, he explains that we must not fall into the temptation of aborting our vision due to wrong relationships.

In addition, he clarifies that finding our tribe will make discovering our visions easier. We can know that we are with the right tribe by how they celebrate and not tolerate us. Reassuringly, he advises that whatever our hands find to do toward your vision, we are to do it with all our might. He then points out the importance of being productive while waiting for our vision because when productivity meets opportunity, it gives birth to success. He prays for everyone, declaring God’s blessings, and victory over us and our various households. 


0:00 Introduction

05:15 How to Discover Your Vision

08:38 Habakkuk 2:2

13:41 When Your Vision is Delayed

17:03 Your Vision will Speak at the Appointed Time

18:35 Though it Tarries, Wait For It

26:40 What to do While Waiting for Your Vision

29:02 Don’t Abort Your Vision!

33:11 Conclusion