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Discover interesting prophetic events in today’s live prophetic broadcast, as Joseph Z brings our attention to recent happenings while relating them to his earlier prophetic warning. He begins by sharing the devastating event that occurred with a stage, that collapsed from strong winds, leaving nine people killed and hundreds injured.  Recall that Joseph warned in his broadcast on March 24, 2024, where he revealed there would be extreme weather manipulation if the Manchurian candidate gets into office one more time. He then shares a clip detailing how the weather is manipulated using cloud seeding. 

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Next, Joseph shares his interview at Flash Point Christian Media, where he shared the point he realized he had a prophetic calling. He also shares what motivated him to write one of his best-selling books, “Servants of Fire” while revealing how to activate the angelic force. He then informs us that this year is a year of decision, and the church must stand to challenge the culture because we have authority in Jesus to conquer the antichrist Spirit. He further reveals what he sees in 2025 and the coming years. 

Again, Joseph recalls his broadcast of May 29, 2024, where he shares his vision about walking into an arena while the Manchurian candidate was exiting but immediately engaged in verbal abuse against Joseph when he saw him enter the arena. He reveals what the Lord shares with him about this, exposing there will be an abundance of many echoes, but not many voices, and there will come a season when the true voices will rise to lead the echoes, at the exit of the Manchurian candidate. He insists that the fathers will walk into the arena at the exit of the Manchurian candidate; for there will be a storm that will lead to a new America and the birth of reformers. 

Furthermore, he discloses we’re headed to a season of prolonged mercy alongside a coming flood that will wash away the unrighteousness in this generation; which may take a whole generation to be completed. He further exposes there would be a lot of fire in the coming year fuelled by conversations surrounding money which will continue to the next year. He again warns there’ll be a threat of elevated war in 2025, but it will be extinguished. He further warns about extreme weather and solar storms that will impact all the issues outlined. 


0:00 Introduction

01:57 Joseph’s Past Prophecy: Weather Manipulation

07:20 Joseph’s Time at Flash Point

10:34 How to Attain Boldness in Christ

11:25 Prophecy for Coming Years

14:44 Joseph’s Dream & Prophetic Interpretation

21:08 A Season of Prolonged Mercy

22:47 The Year’s Timeline & Prophecy for Coming Years

29:17 Conclusion