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“Evil slays the wicked, but it will not come near the righteous”. Be strong! Don’t fear what the world fears!!

Today on the live prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to the weather manipulation that has become the norm in the history of modern man. We see the adverse effect of this agenda in the recent storm in Mexico City. However, Joseph warns that we’re being set up for the biggest Geostorm in the history of modern man and solar flares will be used in conjunction with the power grid to reach an agenda. He also alerts us about a strange sun activity recently discovered in the atmosphere. Again, we see the US map on a spectrum showing strange surges of power believed to be radiation, induced by weather manipulation. 

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Next, Joseph shares a clip by Clayton Morris detailing the condition of the power grid, as the present administration has just recently taken a step that will facilitate its total collapse. Interestingly, we see a turn of events with the UFC match, and how Kevin Holland wins after he gets knocked down many times, which Joseph believes to have a prophetic inclination. Moving forward, he reveals his vision of a strange tidal wave and a coming flood which he believes will be a cleansing of the assault on this generation. He further recounts his live broadcast of August 23, 2022, where he revealed that a shepherd would be struck to scatter the sheep, but it would turn into a roar. 

He further discloses seeing a newspaper headline that says, “God saved America” while insisting there will be a redemptive instability. Once more, he updates us about the current standpoint on WHO’s pandemic treaty, alongside a bizarre clip revealing that Virginia Elementary School will now be holding a satanic after-school program. 

Furthermore, Joseph shares his vision of a falling tower, which will come with a sense of security and breakthrough for the righteous. He discloses that the lying voices of Babylon, Baal, and false security will be shaken while assuring us that God’s spirit is with us and will see us through it all. He further exposes that some leaders will fall at this time while urging us not to be afraid because we have another round coming. Nonetheless, he assures us that the spirit of the Almighty God will bring us through this season.


0:00 Introduction

01:30 Strange Sun Activity

04:41 The US Map on a Spectrum: Strange Discovery

07:14 Clayton Morris’ Reveal on Power Grid

08:55 The UFC Match & Its Prophetic Inclination

14:08 A New America & a Season of Prolonged Mercy

16:20 The Tidal Wave Arc & Redemptive Instability

25:34 God Saved America!

27:12 WHO & the Pandemic Treaty

29:43 Satanism in Elementary Schools?

39:05 The Falling Tower: What You Need to Know

46:41 Conclusion