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“Through your name, we will trample on those who rise against us”.

Today in our Red Church broadcast, Joseph and Heather Z teach how to be delivered by God, maintaining our victory, and the power we possess over our enemy. Joseph references the Book of Psalm 44:5 to teach that with God, we push down our enemies and through God’s name, we will trample on those who rise against us. This is further reaffirmed by Psalm 91:13, which says, “We shall trample upon the lion and cobra, the young lion and serpent we shall trample underfoot”. He points out that the prerequisite of being delivered by God is setting our love upon Him as outlined in Psalm 91:14. 

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Next, Heather explains that when we are saturated in the love for God, we begin to be delivered from what torments us. Elaborating that the way to love God is to read His words, meditate on them, and spend copious amounts of time in God’s presence. Also, Joseph reveals that the only way to maintain our victory in this evil age is by setting our love upon God and acknowledging Him daily. He leads us to the Book of Luke 10:19 to inform us of the authority bestowed upon us by God, that we may trample upon serpents, scorpions, and over all the powers of the enemy and no harm shall come to us. 

Once more, Heather points out that our knowledge of God grants us power and confidence that marvels people. Joseph again, references the Book of Romans 8:35-37 to remind us that nothing can separate us from God’s love, for we’re more than conquerors in anything that may try to separate us from God. Additionally, Heather brings to our knowledge, how to know that God’s love is working in our lives, which is when we’re not bothered by the things in our lives, and reacting to unpleasant things with compassion instead of anger. This is because when we have a revelation of love, then we can give love to others. She then prays for a revelation of love, a heart change, and a true transformation of love in our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

06:39 Psalm 44:5

08:35 Psalm 91:13-14: Protection from Evil

11:49 Prerequisite of Being Delivered by God

19:01 Maintaining Your Victory 

20:00 Luke 10:19: Power Over Darkness

25:34 Romans 8:35: Who Shall Separate Us From Christ’s Love?

28:38 How to Know God’s Love is In You

33:11 Prayer: Conclusion