Breaking Hell’s Economy

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Forward by Gene Bailey, the host of Flashpoint Live, with a very special endorsement by Rick Renner.

This book was written by the urgent direction of the Holy Spirit. It didn’t seem to make sense then, but after obeying and seeing where we are in the world today, I know THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU.

It is not another book on prosperity; this is a book on BEING THE SUPERNATURAL LIGHT IN DARKNESS and the extreme ways God will take care of you in the middle of dark days. It was dark in Egypt, but it was light in Goshen! It is time for the GLORY OF THE LORD TO BE REVEALED! I believe you will discover a PROPHETIC NOW WORD for where we are and how to stand in the coming days! Pre-Order by following the link below: ;amp;_sid=01d9292ce&_ss=r

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