Prophecy Recap: Train Derailments, Food Buildings, and Revival!

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In this prophecy recap, Joseph Z begins by discussing the inner core of the earth and its significance. They go on to reference a CNN earthquake report and how it ties into the false narrative being pushed in the media. Joseph Z  then discusses hearing demons screaming and how worshiping God's spirit can bring power and protection.

The power of forgiveness is discussed, with Joseph Z  sharing a story about Heather and how forgiveness can lead to healing and blessings. The concept of edification, exhortation, and comfort in prophecy is also touched on.

Joseph Z  acknowledges the importance of reaching out to both unbelievers and the uninformed, and a special guest, Sid Roth, is brought in to share their perspective.

The recap concludes with a call to continue seeking God's guidance and protection, and to be prepared for whatever may come in the future.


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March 3, 2023