The Great POLY-STORM, APRIL INTERVENTION—America’s Mountain!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z reveals the darkness popping up all over the nation, and how this darkness must spring its wicked agenda unto the screen. He reveals that Babylon will tremble, but the Lord assures that you will not be shaken nor moved. He went on to reveal a prophetic word about spring intervention, an April intervention, a Polystorm which will sweep over all the nation to stop the evil that has risen over the land. And how because of this, the darkness in the land will be stopped from being what it could have been.

Joseph Z went further to prophesy about mental battles coming at the children of God and how this shall transition them into a better place. He further reveals how there'll be a heightened battle of witchcraft, a collision of light and darkness. He then moves on to reveal how America will have one more round of institutional shaking of resources, and how those that put their trust in the lord will not be moved but begin to thrive; as a result of the Lord’s intervention.

We’re further taken through the revelation of how America shall witness a decline, and how there shall also be an anointing for Shiloh. He further reveals how there shall be Sanctuary areas for the holy spirit, which means that the lord will raise up places of safety for the Holy Spirit.

Moving on, Joseph Z assures us of God’s justice. Although people may witness anxiety and fear; we’re reminded that we’re children of light and are also charged to grab hold of our spiritual authority. He went further to encourage us to react the opposite to bad news, as the devil doesn't know what to do when we do that. From America's mountain, Joseph Z assured us that the difficulties and challenges we’ve faced in our lives happened to prepare us for such a time as this.

He further reassures us that the lord will provide for us in the middle of the turmoil and that a new America will emerge.

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March 13, 2023