Sequel to Passion of the Christ! Manchurian’s Prophecy—Ascending up America’s Mountain! —Joseph Z

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z begins with a rundown of a previous broadcast where Joe Biden made a shocking assertion that Joseph believed to be a prophecy from God. Joseph enlightens us that sometimes God does not speak through his prophets alone but also through an authoritative office without them realizing it. He backed up this teaching with God’s word taken from the book of John 11:49-52. He went on to run through the live broadcast of September 28, 2020, where he prophesied about the next time Mels Gibson would bring out the next sequel to “Passion of Christ.”

He also took our minds back to two years ago when he prophesied about Jim Caviezel talking about doing another sequel to the “Passion of Christ” titled the ‘Resurrection,’ and how he decreed and declared its manifestation. He reiterated that we’re again going into the season where the red church is rising, and the gospel is moving forward with assured victory coming on the scene.

Furthermore, he took us down memory lane about his prophecy on spring intervention, an April intervention, a Poly-storm which will sweep over all the nation to stop the evil that has risen over the land. And how because of this, the darkness in the land will be prevented from being what it could have been. Accordingly, we were again reminded of the prophetic revelation he witnessed in the sky, which reads, “the sky is falling,” and also about a disclosure in the spirit that assures believers of a time of transitional grace. He admonishes us not to resist this transition as God is trying to take us to where we belong. He further reveals that the bad times will not be as bad as they could have been due to the April intervention.

Similarly, Joseph Z further refreshed our memory on his earlier prophecy about an urgency about the guidance of portals and how there’s an angelic assignment waiting for every one of us at our particular portal, as it is the safest place the children of God can be. Again, he reminded us of a transitional grace and admonished us not to resist it as it’s a gift from God. He proceeded further into his earlier prophecy about the current CERN activities, opening up portals and gateways through which demonic entities gain access and communicate from the other side through physics.

In the end, Joseph assured us of being there for everyone during these times and encouraged us not to let fear rule over us because God is with us and is bringing peace through the storm. 

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Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction

02:12 Prophecy on Mel Gibson’ Sequel to Passion of Christ

05:25 Nation Divided

05:20 America’s Mountain

06:10 React Opposite

07:25 Stretching & Transitional Grace

09:48 Malachi

3:16 13:33 Justice for All

15:18 Deliver Us

17:06 CERN

18:57 Vatican Telescope

20:54 Conclusion


March 17, 2023