They’re Arresting 45!! — Get Ready for SUPERNATURAL PROVISION!!

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 In today’s live stream, Joseph Z begins by speaking about the arrest of the then-president of America, Donald Trump. He reveals that the current event that has led to his arrest is politically motivated and that this event may be the very thing that gets him back into office in 2024. He pressed on by insisting that whatever they do to him, there’ll be another opportunity for him to get back into office. He continued by revealing that the charges will not hold weight and that what they are doing is only to divert people’s attention from the real issues.

He went further to reveal that North Korea wants to get into an engagement with the US and that the leader of the red dragon is visiting another red nation in the capital. He then disclosed how foreign aid is a money laundering business in disguise. He reassured us that, although all these may be happening; there will be an April intervention which will intercept the nefarious acts of the wicked men that hold the people ransom. He further discloses how world powers are circling, uniting to take stances and rise against the weak, inept ungodly leadership going on in the country.

Moving on, Joseph Z charges us all to pray, as there’ll be another year of horsepower, revival hubs that’ll be bought and paid for; people who shall rise to stand up and take territory with the help of the transitional grace of God. Additionally, he assures us of a supernatural repositioning, freedom paid in full, supernatural strength, and anointing. He then charges us not to be afraid, to follow the grace of God and it shall be well with us. He went further to assure us of an unprecedented provision, a supernatural grace, and extensive promotion in various endeavours.

Furthermore, he revealed that there’ll be full moons; moments of transition, and also disclosed how we’re not done hearing from the farmers, the blue-collar workers, the shipping industry, and the coastlines. In spite of all these happenings that would take place; Joseph assures us of excellent guidance and understanding. He promises that the obedient shall prosper and that the goodness of God will be seen in the middle of dark times. No matter what the enemy brings, God’s faithfulness will be shown, and God shall provide for you.

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Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction

01:51 Foreign aid: Money Laundering in Disguise

02:45 Intervention

02:53 North Korea’s Agenda

04:01 Figure out the Chosen

04:24 Hypocrisy of the Men in Power

06:02 Window of Opportunity

06:56 False Flag Smokescreen

07:36 Unity of World Powers

10:06 Sudden Turn

14:42 Another year of Horsepower

26:15 Prayer & Conclusion


March 20, 2023