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Today’s live stream begins with a prophetic word that will help you advance. Joseph Z reveals an intervention that will come in April. He talked about the challenges going on in the world right now, with the red dragon and many nations like Iran. He then reveals that these eastern nations don't want to have anything to do with the perversion that we’re witnessing right now in America, they have zero tolerance for that, and this is why they want to bring this nation to its knees. He continued by saying there’s a choice for America to repent and repair or continue to toe the path of iniquity that will eventually bring it to its knees. God is saying he’ll put a halt to all the things happening because he wants to make America repent or her adversaries will become her master.

Sadly, he reveals that there are many people that are being impacted by the activities of the wicked lizard overlords. He reveals that the red dragon guy will be portrayed to stand as a leader and the UN will begin to welcome them and give them a greater platform, and more abilities to speak; they’ll also talk about the virtues of the red dragon. He discloses that there’ll also be a sense of dread among these world players, but the Lord promises an outcome that will be unexpected, a great response to the economic war, and eco battle, which will clamp down on the activities of these nefarious evil men. Regardless of all these, Joseph assures us of an intervention that will come in the springtime. He reveals that there’ll be April showers that’ll bring May flowers and that the rain shall fall on the just and unjust alike. We’ll also see the powerful twos, specifically the evangelists and the prophets, the humble that will be lifted and the proud who will be brought down.

Joseph Z went into a fit of prophecy, calling on America to hear the word of the Lord, to repent, and abandon her wicked ways. The lord continues to speak through Joseph, instructing America not to act deaf because he must have their cooperation and humility. He continued with the prophecy as follows; “if you do not humble yourself, you shall be humbled, hear my prophets, hear my evangelists, I remember the former things, the early generations that sought my face, I desire you and nations that'll follow my voice. I call you once again to come to me, to repent to repair, run to me. I'm calling for revival in the land for many have paid with their own lives and blood, and many have cried out for this time, you’re enough because I'm with you, do what I've called you to do. I shall raise up three hundred Gideons, and that’s all it will take to manifest one million that will usher the harvest of a billion. Love not your life even unto death, many of your dreams will come quickly to you if you obey me, and I'll pay it in full”. Furthermore, Joseph continues to prophesy saying that, there’ll be people suddenly taking their own lives, but it won't be for the people that obey God. He assures us of hope in the darkness, strength, victory, and the spirit of God which will make a way for us. He went further to say that God promises to pay our debt in full. He further reveals that the days of cascades and avalanches are here, yet he has marked us for this, and there's a silver lining for those who would walk with the Lord.

Moving on, Heather joined in and prayed that the million would triumph. She assures us that we’re in Goshen, that we’ll move in boldness and it shall be effortless because we’ll be in the presence of the Lord. She went on to reveal that there are seven thousand more people like us that’ll rise to stand for God and against the workers of iniquity. She went further to assure us that “Now” is the time for our divine occasion, urged us to shake off the heavy bonds, come away from addictions and all the things taking our bandwidth, and serve the Lord. She went on to assure us that, just like Jesus was kept and protected, so are we and our entire family. She further prayed against “the noise”, false narrative, and the spirit of fear against our mind.

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0:00 Introduction

04:37 Eastern Nations: Zero Tolerance

08:52 Global Evil

11:29 America: Repent to Repair

13:43 Response to Economic War 

18:23 God wants Cooperation

19:03 April Showers that’ll induce May Flowers

21:24 A Call to Repentance

23:57 300 Gideons: A million for a Billion

31:30 The Days are Short

34:08 Heather’s Prayers and Revelations

47:01 Conclusion

March 23, 2023