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In today’s broadcast, Joseph began with a recap of his prophecy made on the 31st of December 2019, which is about animals; a vision regarding an extensive cure that will come through an animal and the many other hidden “cures” that will be revealed in the next term. He proceeded with his prophecy on the 22nd of March, 2023 about animals again, only this time, more and more of these animals will fall ill. He insists that there’s a poisoning going on and that this event with the animals will help to expose it. Moving on, he recounted his prophecy on the 10th of January, 2023 about the nation being in the middle of 22 and 24, which will usher us into a repositioning, and transitional living. He further recounted the changes that’ll occur in tech and insisted that certain narratives will put pressure on it; he also reveals that the education system will also be impacted by the same pressure witnessed by the tech industry.

Additionally, he revisited his prophecy on the 20th of March, 2023 about the arrest of the then-president of America, Donald Trump. He insists that the charges against him will not hold weight and that what they are doing is only in a bid to divert people’s attention from the real issues. Then came a recap of his prophecy on the 21st of March, 2023 regarding “45”. Again, he insists also that there's a potential someone will come in to create an issue pertaining to what “45” is dealing with but in the middle of it all, a turn will come in the storm. He urges us not to be afraid with an assurance of multiple facets and layers of God’s intervention at individual and corporate levels; he further insists that God will make what seems impossible possible.

Joseph Z continued by assuring us of a million strong added to the camp, able-bodied people, booths going to do what God has called them to do. He went on to say that there's going to be an anointing on the evangelist which will lead to equipping a one million that’ll be clear-minded, who would not fall for the pitfalls of the enemy, and these one million will stand up to do what they’ve been called to do. He then revisited the prophecy made on the 22nd of March, 2023 about a million for a billion. He mentioned also that the Ausbury revival is the beginning of many things yet to come, he then insists that the evangelist is here and again that, one million will rise on a global scale; then there’ll be a spring intervention, and that no matter how bad things get, it won't be as bad as they had expected it to be.

Furthermore, he revisited his prophecy of 23rd March 2023 where he insisted that there’ll be a pushing back from the one million, a springtime intervention that will sweep through the nation. Moving on, he said that although there are many people that are imparted by the acts of these wicked nefarious lizard overlords, there’ll be an intervention coming in the springtime. He reveals again, that God will put a halt for a moment, and the reason for this is that he wants to get America’s attention; get them to “repent in order to repair”. Then there’ll be an unexpected outcome, a response to the economic war, and the eco battle at large.

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0:00 Introduction

00:39 Hidden Cures

00:59 Focus on Animals

02:41 Powerful Twos

04:28 Figure out the Chosen

07:16 False Flag Smokescreen

09:41 Springtime Intervention

10:22 Another Million Added

13:16 One Million for One Billion

14:43 Fall of 24 & Eyes of Fear for the Ungodly

19:08 Repent to Repair

24:22 Conclusion

March 24, 2023