Global Meltdown & Your LIGHT IN DARKNESS!!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z begins with some revelations about a global economic meltdown on the horizon but in spite of this, there’s a great light in the darkness; he reminds us that the spirit of the Lord has appointed us and anointed us for times as this. He also reveals that there will be a supernatural ability to drive through these times. Joseph acknowledges that although there are overwhelming issues, there’ll be a great awakening in the middle of all that is going on. He made reference to the current goings-on in Arizona and California and advises that these issues be corrected now, if not it’ll result in a much bigger problem that may not be curtailed in the future. He insists that part of repentance is going in, to correct the wrongs that have been done, and only then will healing and repair begin. 

This broadcast will also provide insights into the revelation of the Lord to Joseph on bringing hope to the people and the ability to navigate from a supernatural setting. Moving on, he reveals that there’s a spirit of fear in the atmosphere which is coming through the spirit of Jezebel. He went on to caution that there’ll be more manifestations of this spirit of Jezebel in the public; this spirit seeks to persecute the prophets, the sons of Issachar and those that have the “now” word. He further reveals how this spirit also wants to bring famine to the land, in the form of a lack of rain, but in the middle of this the spirit of Elijah will show up and we’ll also see unlikely characters that’ll rise up to confront this issue. 

He went on to reveal that the spirit of the Lord is bringing a great persuasion, and there’ll be reconciliation between fathers and children from one generation to another. He further assures us that no matter how bad the social and economic shaking becomes, there’ll be an intervention. Joseph charges us all to pray, be in the holy ghost and get prepared for what’s ahead. He assures us of a transitional grace for many people and charges us not to resist it. He reveals to us that there’s a journey and obedience that the Lord is releasing to us. Although there’ll be a great decline in America, and civil unrest in many places, there’ll also be a resurgence, restoration, forgiveness, and favour.

Furthermore, he went on to reassure us that there’ll be a rain of God’s intervention, and there’s an anointing for a remarkable recovery. He went on to reassure us more that God will not leave nor forsake us, and that he will make a way for us.

Remember, not only was there darkness in Egypt but there was also light in Goshen!

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0:00 Introduction

05:28 Great Awakening 

06:16 Global Meltdown

08:10 Fear in the Horizon: Spirit of Jezebel

10:26 Famine: Lack of Rain

12:32 Spirit of Elijah

14:41 The God that Answereth by Fire

15:43 Spring/April Intervention

17:11 Transitional Grace for Many

19:59 There shall be Rain

25:17 The Lord Seeks Boldness

29:57 Prayers & Conclusion


March 27, 2023