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Today’s broadcast began with eye-opening teaching from Joseph Z. He brings to our knowledge that, the weapons of our welfare are not canal, as many of us believe we deal with flesh and blood, but we don’t; according to Joseph. He enlightens us that casting out territorial demons requires us to grow our capacity in God and the way we do this is by becoming a living sacrifice for God through prayer and reading the word of God. Moving on, Joseph further reveals to us that demons are present in the media, television, video games and through weaponized mechanisms. He went on to reveal also, that in the middle of all that’s been put out there to destabilize people through these mediums, there are principalities, and evil alliances of nations trying to push out the good and empower the spirit of the antichrist.

Moreso, Joseph reveals further that new names are about to be on the news and there’s a day of reckoning for the perverted mafias, and all the people that have been perpetuating evil all over the land. He informs us that Jesus Christ has called us to be the light in the darkness and that demonic oppressions should never stop us from doing what God has assigned us to do. He explained that principalities and powers were put into position the moment Adam gave up his authority by listening to the serpent. This means that demons can only gain power over us when we grant them access or permission.

Furthermore, Joseph teaches us that preaching the gospel is not enough, we’re commanded to go take over territories and influence cultures. He explains that demons don’t have a physical body and they also don’t have access to the “natural” unless it’s given to them. He then teaches further that whoever controls the mind is running the show, and that’s why God charges us to take control of all territories. He went on to disclose that, to be born of water means that there’s a conception that takes place in the womb of a woman, and anything that’s not born of water can’t be born of the spirit and cannot be saved either; this is why demons can’t be saved, and everyone that’s born of water has more power than any demon. This is why, for the demons to operate in our realms, they need our permission, because they don’t have a physical body to be able to operate physically; hence, we’re more powerful and they’re powerless until we give them access to our bodies and territories.

More importantly, Joseph emphasizes that we grow our capacity by praying in the spirit and reading the word of God, and we become mature believers with physical authority when we do this. Also, when we take authority in the spirit, the wicked are cast out. He went further to reveal that we’ve to take the seed of authority to be able to cast out demons and that we can do this by being a light in the darkness. Watch the broadcast and learn a lot more about Joseph Z's revelations today.

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0:00 Introduction

05:22 Grow your Capacity

06:19 Evil Alliances

09:41 Casting Out Demons

18:25 Take Territory

18:45 The Seven Mountains Message

19:34 Preaching the Gospel isn’t Enough

20:28 Demons Have no Authority in the Natural

22:55 Demons Operate by Permission

27:50 Get Rid of Territorial Demons

34:41 Mature Believer: Renewed Mind

38:19 Prayers & Conclusion


March 30, 2023