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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z revisited his prophecy on March 22 about a strong anointing to raise a million reformers for a billion. These million will stand up against the wicked perverse culture; there’ll be a reformation type of anointing and God will resonate with these people for the harvest of a billion. He went on to reveal that Josiahs will stand, they may be young but they’ll dig into the history of wisdom, they’ll have authority and they’ll release a brand new word for the generation. He went further to reveal a revelation he had about “hidden truth in plain sight”. He insists that many things are hidden due to the spirit of stupor, but with the outbreak of deliverance and evangelism, there’ll be a cultural glimpse to those whose hearts are not completely hardened. 

Moving on, he also recounted his prophecy on March 27 regarding everything going on in Arizona, he insists that if things are not taken care of, there’ll be real issues in the future. Moving forward, he exposes a spirit of Jezebel that’ll be manifested in the public and how we’ll see it in different areas and ways. He explains that this spirit of Jezebel wants to persecute the prophets, the Josiahs and those that have the “now” word. Not only will Jezebels manifest, but Ahabs will also manifest to rise up against this vile spirit.

Then came another recount of his prophecy on March 28. In this prophecy, he reveals that justice has been prayed for by men of God for three years now, and there’s been an overturn of national horror, pertaining to the human perverse entity spirit that wanted children to be sacrificed in the womb. He expressed sadness over how the overturn for this evil did not experience the celebration it deserved. He went on to reveal that many people will repent and turn to the Lord; the storm may last longer than anyone may desire, but he assures us that God is with us and he’s involved in our lives. He further assures us of favour, financial provisions and repositioning for many. He also revealed that there’ll be a miracle positioning and redirection for many. 

The prophecy of March 29th was also revisited. Joseph condemned the tragedy in Nashville, and he revealed that there’s a strange cover-up going on; which is the use of innocent people for a smokescreen agenda. This is in a bid to cover up their financial misdealings. He went on to reveal that world powers would come together, a wicked alliance converging but there’ll be another round of favour and increase for those who would hope in the Lord. He further revealed that there’s going to be a great uncovering about everything happening. 

Furthermore, Joseph Z recounted his prophecy of 30th March where he revealed that our Lord Jesus has called us to be the light in the darkness. He instructs that territorial oppression should never stop us from accomplishing the assignment that God has assigned us. He then moved on to teach us about the command for the great commission which is to cast out demons, speak in new tongues, take up serpents, drink anything deadly and it won't hurt us, and lastly lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. He further discloses that all believers receive the power to carry out this great commission from God.

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0:00 Introduction

02:44 A million for a Billion

03:13 Josiah’s will Stand

04:19 Spirit of Stupor

05:07 A Cultural Glimpse

07:25 Spirit of Jezebel

10:55 Justice

13:23 The Great Trial

15:07 A Redirection for Many

17:33 False Flag Narrative

24;02 The Great Commission

27:08 Prayers & Conclusion

March 31, 2023