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In today’s live stream Joseph provides insights into his vision about America’s last chance, he says that America will either be Babylon or Nineveh; he then insists again that, “America must repent to repair”. He reveals that there’s a “shaking” going on and there’ll be wars and rumours of war. He went further to reveal that a depression is on its way, but then there’ll be a great intervention going against all the collapse. He further revealed that the US will go down socially, economically, and morally; there’ll also be a decline in the time of darkness, but it shall be the church’s greatest hour and an opportunity for America to repent to repair. He explored the book of Exodus 10:21-23 to explain further what to be expected.

Moving on, Joseph assures us that there’ll be a silver lining for those who stand firm in the Lord and that some places that seem the logical place to go to, will not be God’s choice of a location for us. He insists further that America’s last chance will be found in the darkness, and there’ll be a supernatural return; the new America, which may not be considered good for America but will be good for the church. He further revealed that the great intervention will be achieved by the young lions, and then the last chance intervention will bring forth the greatest awakening that’ll usher in one million for a billion. He further insists that our goal is to raise sons and daughters to achieve this. 

Furthermore, Joseph informs us that the time is short, but the Lord will see us through in spite of all the difficulties that will surface. He proclaims that the promises of God do not stop working just because there’s a recession or because some evil men rise up to cause chaos. He enlightened us further with the word of God drawn from Mathew 11:11-16. 

Joseph Z  further asserts that “whatever the institution cannot control, it must kill or persecute, because the native tongue of the uninspired is criticism; a man or woman with a revelation is not at the mercy of a culture gone mad”. He then went on to reassure us of God’s hand in our lives, and that regardless of what the nation does, we should be of good cheer because we’re in Christ Jesus. 

Remember, “on a bad day you’re called to be the best there is”!

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0:00 Introduction

03:33 Babylon or Nineveh

05:38 A Shaking

07:10 Intervention in Spring

09:33 US Decline

10:32 Exodus 10

12:34 The Church’s Greatest Hour

14:47 Supernatural Return

17:09 A Million for A Billion

19:27 Mathew 11: Spirit of Elijah

24:55 You’re the Ecclesia

29:14 Conclusion


April 3, 2023