MARK OF THE BEAST!! - The CERN Conspiracy!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z sheds light on the mark of the Beast and the CERN conspiracy. He explains that the mark of the beast today has to do with the economy and commerce. It can also be seen in how people are threatened with certain punishments when they don’t subscribe to the economic infringement imposed on them. He further clarifies that the mark of the Beast is a form of controlling karmas, a form of control which you can buy, sell and get; this means the big government and tech controls everything. He insists further that, the mark of the beast is a mechanism of control which translates to putting people in a digital cage so they can be completely controlled.

Moving on, Joseph explains further that the recent happenings with the banks are part of the anti-Christ agenda to put people in a digital cage to ensure adequate control over their lives. He reveals that this digital cage will be programmable in a way that our finances will be censored; this means that there’ll be limits to our spending and what we spend on, just as can be seen in social media where people’s actions are controlled. Although the mark of the beast is not here right now, the system is preparing the ground for its emergence. This can be seen in what’ll happen with farms, poisoning of the culture, oceans, coastlines and food shortages. Then there’s also inflation, and then the intentional bid to melt down the economy. 

Additionally, Joseph reveals that the CBDC is an issue because they want to collapse the financial institution thereby forcing people to subscribe to their own form of digital currency, where people who resist will wallow in discomfort that it’ll be difficult for them to thrive. He reveals further that, the activities of the CERN and how they’re opening up portals to another dimension are likened to the events of Genesis 11. Joseph exposes that the tower of Babel was a portal, a technology to go to the other side. He further reveals that the activities of the CERN will lead to a rise in UFOs.

Furthermore, Joseph further exposes more of what’s to come with the word of God drawn from Revelation 9. He reassures us that regardless of what’s to come, we should rejoice because Jesus is coming soon, and we should not be afraid because greater is he that’s in us than he that’s in the world. He reassures us more that, a million will rise up to push back and also give birth to another one billion that’ll rise against these strongholds.

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0:00 Introduction

04:02 The Mark of the Beast

10:30 Digital Village

14:05 Genesis 11: Tower of Babel

16:29 CBDC: The Issue

17:47 MAGA Movement: A Pushback

18:57 Digital Currency: Digital Cage

24:48 The CERN

27:04 Portals

33:02 Revelation 9

34:45 The Portal Pit(Bottomless Pit)

39:19 Conclusion


April 4, 2023