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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph talks about the choice Jesus had to make for our sake, and how important and crucial Jesus’ sacrifice is. His choices in the Garden and in his three Temptations. Joseph further analyzed the symbolic meaning of these temptations and their consequences. He also analysed Christ’s experience at Gethsemane and the hard decision Christ had to take for our sake.

Moving on, Joseph Z teaches us that the temptation of Jesus by the devil was the devil’s trick to become the god of this world if Jesus had bowed to the devil, but Jesus had to confront the devil and take the authority to be everything he’s been ordained to be. He went on to teach that Jesus prayed for the cup of suffering to pass him by, but that didn’t happen because his death was the only option. He narrated how Jesus had a battle within himself, but when the time came, he confessed his true identity by declaring “I am”; which emanated the power of God that caused the guards to fall to the ground and worshiped him. 

Furthermore, Joseph explains that sometimes the mercy of God and grace cover up the bad mistakes we make just as he healed the ears of the guard that Peter had cut off at the time of Jesus’s arrest in the garden of Gethsemane. He went on to analyze from his book “Servants of Fire” the number of angels that would have come to Jesus’ rescue if he had called for help at the time of his greatest tribulation. 

Moreso, we are made to understand that Jesus descended before he ascended, and the book of Psalm 22:6-13 narrates his ugly experiences and the mockery he endured for our sake. Joseph went further to point out the extremes Jesus had to go through for humanity, and how he battled death and defeated hell. 

Psalm 24 then narrates Christ’s victory when he defeated death and the powers of hell. Joseph exclaims that this celebration is the greatest second celebration in the whole universe. 

He also shed more light on Mary’s experience at the tomb of Jesus and made us understand that our faith can alter things even in the middle of a drama.

We’re going Red in the blood of Jesus. Happy Resurrection Day!

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0:00 Introduction

03:30 The Temptation: Consequences

07:08 Gethsemane Experience

12:11 I am He

15:14 Peter’s Retaliation

19:59 Excerpt from Servants of Fire

21:38 Isaiah 37:36

24:37 Hebrews 12:22

27:27 Jesus Descended before Ascending

31:30 He Arose

34:44Psalm 24:7

39:24 Conclusion


April 9, 2023