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In today’s live stream, Joseph was joined by his friend Rick Rener. They talk about Eschatology, what’s coming next and some end-time narratives. They started with eternity past, where the creation happened, the law, the prophet and all of the things that took place in the old testament, leading to the time of Jesus, his death and resurrection; the time we’re in today, known as the “church age” or the “last days”. Rick clarifies that the last days began on the day of the Pentecost, which translates into us being in the “last days”. They also shed more light on the BEMA period, which according to Rick, is not a place where people are punished but a place where people are rewarded according to their work. 

Moving on, Joseph Z and Rick Rener explore together what will happen after the battle of Armageddon and after the rapture. They clarify that the great white throne judgement is for those who did not believe in Christ before they died; on the last day, they are made to stand before the great white throne judgement to be judged according to the books of judgement. Rick explained that the rapture will occur at a very bleak moment and that the church will not go through the great tribulation. They went on to teach that before the great tribulation, there’ll be a great revival and the mark of the beast will only come to the scene when the church is out of the picture. Additionally, they further explain that the Antichrist is waiting for the church to exit the scene, so it can reveal itself, and it’ll be a perfect match for a lawless world.

Moreso, Rick further explains that Christians will never die twice; that those born of water and spirit have only one death. Interestingly, they agreed that not one thing is restraining the rapture from happening at any moment. They went on to analyze that before the rapture, it’ll get darker as can be witnessed at present and also the pervert mafia will have a run at things. They also went on to disclose that the antichrist will have no love for women, which translates to him being a homosexual, and also that he will take control of the world’s economic system. We hope that this prepares us for what’s to come. Remember, “On a bad day, you’re called to be the best there is”.

Watch the broadcast to gain more understanding of the Last Days analysis.

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0:00 Introduction

02:26 Eternity Past

05:20 The BEMA

07:29 The Transformation

08:27 The Battle of Armageddon

10:10 Jesus Rules

12:47 The White Throne Judgement

15:16 Rapture

18:56 Mark of the Beast: More Insights

19:45 Apocalypto

22:27 Hell & Lake of Fire

22:51 New Heaven: New Earth

26:13 Conclusion


April 11, 2023