Joe Rogan Sounds Alarm on A.I. Digital Currency & the IMMINENT INTERNATIONAL COLLISION with RED DRAGON!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z  brings to our notice Joe Rogan’s alarm on Artificial Intelligence which he prophesied about some years back, in addition, he lends his voice to the probe going on to determine if Catholics are extremists or not. He went on to reveal that there’s a major shaking in the financial system, how the US dollar is being devalued and how it’ll remove the ability the US has over other nations. He also discloses that we’re at the valley of decision as a country, to either become Nineveh or Babylon. In spite of this, the Lord promises unprecedented provision for people, and he’s causing momentum in those who’s been obedient to him. He further charges us to arise and take territory because the Lord has called us to do so. 

Moving on, Joseph reveals that digital currency is coming, and the only way to abate the evil ahead is if there’s an absolute revival in Congress, in Churches, Universities and everywhere necessary. He acknowledges that the system is so far beyond repair and reveals that there’ll be a collapse that we’ll impose digital currency on people. He clarifies further that this is not the mark of the beast yet but it’s setting up the system for the antichrist and the mark of the beast. Joseph went on to assure us of a great wave of victory, power for those who do not fear and insists that things will not be as some people thought they would be. 

Interestingly, Heather joined in the live stream and prayed against the spirit of fear, she released faith, declared Goshen in our homes, and also prayed that the things of the world will have no effect on us and our household. She emphasises reading the word and stirring up our spirit by speaking in tongues of the holy spirit; she then declared clarity in our mind and prayed that we are able to have a clearer understanding of what we’re going through. She discloses further that the Lord has given us the ability to possess the land, and charges us to pull our desires from the supernatural down to the natural by faith in God.

Joseph further observes that there’s so much going on with technology, but the kingdom of God is taking territory, and Jesus also demands us to advance and take territory with him.

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0:00 Introduction

02:00 Catholic Church: Extremists?

03:36 Joe Rogan: Artificial Intelligence

04:45 A Shake in the Financial System

05:57 Digital Currency

08:01 Unprecedented Provision

12:59 Wave of Victory

13:51 The Church’s Greatest Hour

14:47 Economic Shaking

15:57 Falsehood Using AI

22:37 Heather’s Prayer & Ministration

30:39 Prayers & Conclusion


April 12, 2023