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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z examines and sheds more light on the crazy news taking place right now, and further brings to our knowledge, the global conflicts going on which can be sensed economically, and socially. He reveals an international response coming up and also expresses concern over all that’s been happening. He went on to reveal a black swan on the horizon but assures us of justice coming that will impart on both the righteous and unrighteous alike. 

Moving on, Joseph emphasizes once more the response from the spirit of the Lord, which will do something shocking to the system, and eventually bring a response to all the wickedness going on. He paints a clearer picture of the intervention ahead of us with the word of God drawn from Luke 13:6-9.  He insists there’ll be for America and the nations, one more opportunity to win as seen in the book of Luke. This is because God has called us to win and the battle is not over until we win.

Additionally, he emphasizes that nations repent by doing what’s right ethically, morally, and legally. He went on to analyze the event that happened with eighteen thousand herds of cattle wiped out because some nefarious players behind the scene were trying to control everyone through food, tech, media, social issues, and economics. But in spite of everything going on, the voice of God will come to impact the nations. 

Furthermore, he observed the persecution going on in the church at present and recalled his prophecy about that in the past year. He reveals that there’ll be more persecutions of the church because the nefarious overlords want to bring an end to a good wholesome society. This is because, with the family in total chaos, they would be able to have their way with the people.In everything happening right now, he assures us that the Lord will not forsake us; for, “many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord will deliver him from them all”. 

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0:00 Introduction

04:00 Persecution of the Church

04:54 Global Conflict: WWIII

07:44 The Black Swan 

08:47 Justice

09:47 Luke 13:6-9: One More Round

14:39 We’re Called to Win

17:25 True Repentance

21:03 Herds of Cattle Destroyed: The mystery

25:04 The Perfect Storm Narrative

29:30 Tremendous International Response

32:44 Conclusion


April 13, 2023