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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z  recounted his interview on March 30th 2023, regarding America’s position prophetically, alluding America to the biblical Nineveh or Babylon. Joseph suggests that America can either repent like the people of Nineveh did or be damned like Babylon; as God charges America to repent to repair. He acknowledges that the Lord does not give the people to perversion but if the people continually seek what is ungodly, the Lord allows them to have their way and of course, there are definitely consequences for disobedience. 

Moving on is a recount of his April 5th, 2023 broadcast, where he revisited his experience at pikes peak, regarding God’s revelation to him concerning raising a million to harvest a billion. He recounted also his prophecy of April 10th, 2023 about how the spirit of the antichrist is aided by people on earth which permits the spirit to thrive. He insisted that the spirit of the antichrist which is a spirit of control is trying to impose a yoke of bondage upon the righteous, he also reminded us of his revelation regarding war-mongering for WWIII, and a global shift of power taking place on the earth; which will also include severe earthquakes to come. 

He then proceeded to his earlier broadcast with Rick Renner on April 11, 2023. They talked about eternity past where the creation happened, the law, the prophet and all of the things that took place in the old testament; leading to the time of Jesus, his death resurrection and the time we’re in today, known as the “church age” or the “last days”. Rick clarified that the last days began on the day of the Pentecost, leading us to the period of the BEMA which according to Rick, is not a place where people are punished but a place where people are rewarded according to their work.

Furthermore, he proceeded to his broadcast of April 12, 2023, where he revealed the immense shaking of the financial system and the devaluing of the dollar. He also disclosed that we’re at the valley of decision as a country, to either become Nineveh or Babylon. In spite of this, the Lord promises unprecedented provision for people, and he’s causing momentum in those who’s been obedient to him. He further charged us to arise and take territory because the Lord has called us to do so. 

Moreso, he also recounted his broadcast of April 13th 2023, where he talked about a response coming and made reference to the word of the lord in Luke 13:6-9 about a fig tree which wasn’t bearing fruit but was given another chance to produce before it’s cut off. He used this part of the scripture to paint a clearer picture of the intervention ahead of us, which Joseph insists will be another opportunity for America and the nations to win. 

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April 14, 2023