Red Church - How to Obtain Your Promise! - Part 3

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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph continues with the teaching on how to get our promise from God. He proceeds with the word of God taken from Hebrews 5:11-13, which talks about our maturity in the word of God, and how far our senses are trained and skilled in the things of God. He teaches that if we’re untrained in the word of God, we’ll not have the kind of power we’re meant to have. He went on to teach that mature people are those who’ve exercised their senses under the written word of God and have exercised their thoughts into captivity to the word of God. 

Moving on, Joseph makes reference to God’s word in Hebrews 6:9-18, which instructs us on diligence, and being consistent even in times of difficulty. He teaches further that God will give us everything we need when we believe in him and are diligent in our belief in him; as it’s God’s will that we’re blessed and multiplied. He went on to enlighten about God’s blessing, which he says, is empowerment by God to Abraham, and those who’re of faith are blessed believing Abraham; also there’s no sorrow added to God’s blessings. He clarifies that the blessings of God are not majorly material things but are increase, divine favour, destiny and so much more which adds no sorrow. 

Moreso, Joseph brings to our knowledge that Mamon is a spirit, a love of money and it’s a counterfeit to the blessing of God; it is also full of sorrow. He went on to teach that everything that Abraham has, we can also have if we believe in God. He also clarifies further that obtaining the promise of God requires three virtues which are faith, patience, and endurance. Patience, according to him, “doesn’t mean that we hang in there until what we need shows up, it means that we’re required to make a statement of faith and that we remain consistently the same, despite the circumstance until it manifests”. He further enlightens us that the longer we wait in faith, the greater the harvest. 

Furthermore, he brings to our knowledge that there’s power in writing down our vision and that we can have our destiny if we believe in God through faith, patience and endurance. He assures us that God wants us to win more than we already do if only we seek Him first before all other things. 

We’re going Red in the blood of Jesus, and remember, “On a bad day, we’re called to be the best there is”

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0:00 Introduction

03:57 Hebrews 5:11

05:06 Maturity in God’s Word

07:16 Hebrews 6:9-18

10:37 Benefits of Believing God

12:36 Proverbs 10:22

13:33 Blessing is an Empowerment

16:06 Mamon: A Spirit & Love of Money

20:43 Obtaining the Promise

20:58 Meaning of Patience

25:18 It’s Impossible for God to Lie

27:07 Conclusion 


April 16, 2023