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In today’s broadcast, we’re led into Joseph’s vision which cautions that there may be an inducement of fake events, that look real but won’t be, and it’ll be difficult to decipher whether they’re real or not. He went on to explain these events will be a projected, deep-fake mass deception, and fake invasion narrative employed for great mass deception. He went on to disclose that there are also going to be massive earthquakes from the sea, and global seizures seen in some nations. He went further to uncover the real identities of some public figures, and their hidden agenda.

Moving on he reveals that 45 may have a second chance in government or a fallen scenario which will birth a movement. He expresses concern about AI, referencing the word of the Lord from Revelation 13:11-15, where he interprets the symbolism of the number 666; explains the meaning of singularity in technology and its relation to the word of God in Revelation 13 regarding the mark of the beast.

Moreso, Joseph went further to interpret these current events by referencing the CERN and how portals are being opened up to other dimensions as a result of their activities, just as can be seen with the bottomless pit in the Bible. He went on to clarify that these activities of the CERN could invite demons that would possess the technology, which will, in turn, rise to take control of mankind; leading to great levels of rebellion just as we observed with the Tower of Babel in God’s word. Moving further, he points out that, although the antichrist isn’t here yet, its spirit is here and technology may be the medium through which it’ll infiltrate mankind.

Furthermore, Joseph enlightens that when we begin to see these things happening, we should remember that we’ve been called to stand up and do what’s expected of us by the Lord. He assures us that the spirit of the antichrist can’t manifest because the Church is here, and then reassures us that God is with us and we’re safe in Him.

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0:00 Introduction

04:48 Deep Fake Events

07:22 Deep Fake Mass Deception

09:33 Sea Depth Narrative

17:05 Trump: Second Round?

21:20 Artificial Intelligence

22:56 Revelation 13:11-15

26:22 666: Nero

27:56 The Singularity

29:18 Image of the Beast

29:42 CERN

35:48 Conclusion


April 17, 2023