Prophecy! 4 THINGS I SEE happening in the Midst of DARKNESS!!

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Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z revealing the things he sees happening in the midst of darkness, which are: advancement in calling, assigned location, provision/supernatural way-making, and outpouring of supernatural visions. He reveals that there’ll be strange unique signs and wonders that’ll be earmarked for a lot of people. He went on to draw our attention to all the happening all over the land and then expresses great concern over us not being able to control all that’ll take place. He assures us not to let our hearts be troubled because the Lord is advancing our calling at this time and accompanying this is an understanding from the Lord. He reveals that the Lord is beginning to assign territories for us, a location that’s been earmarked by God for us.

Moving on, Joseph acknowledges the concerns over finances but reassures us that God’s economy will shine brighter than the world’s economy, he insists that there is a supernatural momentum of provision over us all. He reminds us again of the Lord’s prophetic assignment of a million for a billion and charges us to rise and take the territory over what God has called us to do. He condemns the witchcraft activities going on all over the place and charges us to strive to rise above it through a revival. He explains that witchcraft is unauthorized access to the realms of the spirit, and attributes most of the out-of-place occurrences we witness daily to the activities of witchcraft. 

Moreso, Joseph assures us that God’s economy doesn’t break in spite of everything that we’ll begin to see soon, and assures us that God has called us to prosper in the middle of darkness. He went on to assure us that God will break people loose, through signs, wonders, and miracles; he declared that there’ll be an unprecedented wave of judgement that comes against those with Herod’s spirit. He then went on to instruct us to be careful about our approach towards the foundation of the new move of God, he insists that God will put a stop to those who rise against this move of God. Like he always does, he reminds us again that Jesus loves us, and is calling us to be a light in the darkness.

Furthermore, he assures that wherever God has called us to be is the safest place to be and we have to strive to be there. He encourages us not to be afraid of the future and admonishes us to quit using our carnality and strive to tune in to the spirit of God, in order to walk in the path God’s mapped out for us.

Jesus is Lord! Remember, “On a bad day, we’re called to be the best there is”.

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0:00 Introduction

04:32 Advancement in Calling

05:08 Let not your Hearts be Troubled

05:44 Location Assignment

07:14 Concerns Over Finances

10:44 Divine Provision & Deliverance

12:15 The Goal of Revival

12:49 Meaning of Witchcraft

20:09 The Vision Experience

26:54 Outpouring of Supernatural Uniqueness

27:29 Unprecedented Wave of Judgement

32:05 Conclusion


April 18, 2023