The Demon Masters Behind it All!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z enlightens us about the reason behind the evil activities of the Manchurian candidate, his son and all the other celebrities. He attributes their actions to demons manipulating and manifesting their evil through them. He then discloses that God is raising response to these evil people and also charges us to stand up to push back against the wicked, nefarious acts at large in our society. He references God’s word in Revelation 2:12-13 which sheds more light on how the culture has always been against the church because she does not conform to the evil ways of the world. Joseph challenges us all to speak out and continue to be against the culture that accommodates the nefarious activities we’re witnessing all over the place, trying to destroy the lives of our children.

Moving on, he enlightens us that God has empowered us to counter all the evil activities taking place through preaching the word of God, as the devil has no power to devour us unless we invite him or grant him permission to do so. He went on to teach that we can only resist the devil’s ploy by listening to the word of God and tapping into the power that comes from it, thereby influencing society through God's word, which will in turn create the change we expect. He references the word of God from 2 Corinthians 10:4 to enlighten us more about how we should pull down wicked strongholds. He went on to bring to our knowledge that we build ourselves up by praying in the holy spirit as instructed by God in Jude 1:20, which in turn repels the influences of darkness. 

Additionally, Joseph challenges and questions people who believe the current government has better plans for the people amidst all the evil they encourage and permit to infiltrate the culture. He challenges us to always tell the truth if we love people; he then calls the attention of preachers to everything going on and challenges them to preach the truth and not buckle under the pressure of the evil culture. 

Furthermore, Joseph cautions against falling under the deception of fake teachings which encourage other ways to God, as Jesus is the only way to God. He charges us to stay on the word of the Lord always. He again reinstates his commitment to raising a million for a billion as God has commanded. He went on to reassure us that the Lord will break us out of Babylon when we begin to pray and trust Him. He then proclaims that God promises to untangle many of us from impossible situations and that he will call people into account, especially leaders. 

He reassures us further that Jesus loves us, and God’s not mad at us; as his only wish is to know us and draw us closer to Himself.

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0:00 Introduction

04:20 God’s Raising a Response

09:28 2 Corinthians 10:4

12:57 Influence on the Mind: Computer Life

18:29 Strongholds: Meaning

19:47 Overcoming Strongholds: Pray in the Holy Spirit

27:38 Last Days Ministry

31:22 A Call to Repentance for Pretty Potty Preachers

38:57 Only One Way to God

43:42 Stay on God’s Word

48:08 A Million for a Billion

53:05 Prayers & Conclusion


April 20, 2023