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Today’s broadcast began with a revisit of Joseph Z‘s broadcast of April 19 2023, where he cautioned about Chinese police stations spreading all over the US, and he emphasizes that this is another round of warnings to turn things around for good before it’s too late. He then delved into his earlier prophecy of January 5th, 2023, where God revealed that AI technology will manifest in a lot of ways, which we’re now witnessing with the ChatGPT spreading all over the world. Additionally, he recounted an event that happened with a fake phone call from a daughter beckoning her mother to come to her rescue, which turned out to be a fake AI used to target her and capture her. 

Moving on, he then proceeded down to his broadcast of January 30th 2023, where he received a message from God to caution men and women of God to be alert and be conscious of opportunities which the Lord has placed before them; insisting that the Lord will ask us to do the difficult so that He can do the impossible. Joseph went on to revisit his prophecy of 17th April, where he cautions that there may be an inducement of fake events, that look real but it won’t be, and which will be difficult to decipher whether they’re real or not. He went further to explain that, these events will be a projected, deep-fake mass deception, and fake invasion narrative employed for great mass deception. 

Additionally, he then recounted his prophecy of 18th April, where he revealed the things he sees happening in the midst of darkness, which are: advancement in calling, assigned location, provision/supernatural way-making, and outpouring of supernatural visions. He then insists that there’ll be strange unique signs and wonders that’ll be earmarked for a lot of people.

Moreso, he took us back to his prophecy of 19th April where he drew our attention once again to the Chinese police stations springing up in different areas of the country, which he believes is an affront to the US soil, and cautions that it should be taken as seriously as possible. He then emphasizes once more on raising one million for a billion; raising clear-eyed, clear-minded reformers to reap a billion harvest. 

Furthermore, Joseph brings us back to the broadcast of April 20th where he enlightened us about strongholds and how to pull them down by preaching the word of God, thereby tapping into the right spiritual life to stand firm against the evil culture. He cautions us against fear and teaches us to absorb the word of God to empower ourselves and then in turn empower society and gear it towards the path of change. He then charges us to pray in the Holy Spirit to build ourselves up in the faith.

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0:00 Introduction

01:27 Teaching AI to Lie

07:18 Cloud Projection

09:12 Four Things Happening Amidst Darkness

09:47 Advancement in Calling

10:54 Assigned Locations

11:34 Concern Over Finances & Provision

12:11 Outpouring of Supernatural Uniqueness

12:25 Chinese Police Stations in the US

14:10 One Million for a Billion

15:25 2 Corinthians 10:4: Pulling Down Strongholds

16:20 Meaning of Strongholds

22:03 Conclusion 


April 21, 2023