There is Light at the END OF THE TUNNEL!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z begins by assuring us that God is making a way amidst all the nefarious activities taking place all over the land and that we’ll be delivered from the evil age. He insists that God will reposition many of us and we shall see light at the end of the tunnel. Although the global issues will not change, there’ll be a rise of people who know what God requires and who’ll take territory and rise against the evil that abounds. He went on to reveal that many of us are conflicted about how to respond to our own narrative and judgement, but the Spirit of the Lord will guide us to the right path if we listen to God; as God will take us exactly where we’re supposed to be. 

Moving on, Joseph proclaims that there’ll be light in the darkness, and we’ll begin to see the rise towards a new America, an international change that’ll move around many people. He went further to reveal that there’ll be a continuous rise in AI which will not be regulated, and there’ll also be a comeback of the UFO narrative. He went on to add that there’re technological agencies like CERN whose activities are opening up portals to other dimensions, which may give way to demonic entities in our atmosphere; these demonic technologies can have the ability to do things naturally once they’re given permission. He then cautions that w should be aware and guard ourselves with God’s word in order to discern these things when we begin to see them and raise our faith against them.

Moreso, Joseph reveals that there’ll be an advancement of WW3, and we’ll be taken from our free lifestyle to a life of control. He went further to caution about what may happen with 45; while there are lots of speculations around him, they may try to push him to victory, so that he’ll be set up to fail and take the blame for all the evil they’ll perpetrate in the future. 

Furthermore, Joseph delves into the “last days” narrative where he proclaims that there’ll be light in the darkness, that’ll shine amidst all the evil trying to manifest in the world, and he assures that we’re anointed to stand firm and push back these nefarious activities. He provides answers to our questions with the word of God drawn from Psalm 139:7-12. He went on to assure us that the night shall be light about us as seen in the word of God because we’re not in Egypt; we’re in Goshen. He went further to reassure us that the spirit of the Lord will bring confidence, strength, and breakthrough for us; and we shall see our destiny. 

He reassures us more saying, “God’ll make an avenue of Victory for us all”. 

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0:00 Introduction

04:20 Anointing for Provision & Light in Darkness

05:55 Darkness: Valley of Decision

06:17 “45”: The Real Picture

07:25 A New America

08:18 Continuous Rise in AI

11:00 UFO Deception

21:36 Fake Alien Invasion: One World Order

24:00 Advancement of World War III

28:49 Last Days Narrative

30:19 Light in Darkness

33:19 Assigned Location: Psalm 139:7-12

41:19 Conclusion


April 24, 2023