Tucker will Win Fox will lose—NEW MEDIA SHALL LIVE!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z welcomes us with a revelation regarding the birth of a new media, a brand new birth of media, real voices that will begin to unite with platforms to open up the floodgates of truth. He went on to reveal that the people that are scared of being opposed are rejoicing but their voices will begin to decline because the real truth is coming; there’ll be another round of truth that God will bring to our generation. He went on to assure us that God will bring forth truth through all the things happening in the world right now, and He will make a way where there’s no way. He then discloses that there’ll be a transitional excellence, a great uniting of several platforms, of those that have the strength of God in them to bring out a new truth and a new understanding of the media. Also, the last round of the Legacy news media has just sounded, and the truth will be revealed through the media.

Moving on, Joseph reveals that we’ll begin to see the teamwork that’ll make the dream work and unlikely partnerships that’ll take place in the middle of all that’s going on. He charges us to pay adequate attention to other things they’re trying to hide with the big news, like financial crises and poisoning of food. He further insists that the truth of information will have one more round of the culture, and there’ll be a uniting of different people that’ll herald new information over the media; accessible to everyone. 

Reassuringly, Joseph proclaims that the spirit of God is giving us favour in the middle of everything happening. He went further to reveal that, although they’ll try to slow down AI it will break loose still. He discloses further that there’ll be “misinformation” news that’ll flood our screens, but there’ll be people who’ll rise to bring the real information out; God is bringing out the truth and no more shall we be intimidated by those who work to hide it from us. 

He further assures us that we’ll start to hear more accurate news and we’ll also begin to know where things are going. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:21 A Sign of Real Truth

02:29 Decline of Voices

03:26 Stumble of Legacy Media

03:53 Transitional Excellence

04:39 The Great Uniting of Voices

05:57 The Last Round of Legacy News

06:39 Remember the Small News

08:43 Revival of Truth

10:01 Pushback on AI

11:50 Uprising of Truth

13:19 Conclusion


April 25, 2023