Special guest Ryan Edberg—How to reach the NEXT GENERATION!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph was joined by Ryan and they talked about the youth conference that Ryan organizes which has to do with worship, the word of God and then healing prayers. Ryan shared some of the experiences he witnessed during one of his miracle events, where a girl got healed from deafness. He went further to share some of the things God shows him about healing and he shared some other amazing healing experiences that God performed through him. 

Moving on, Ryan talked about the state of the union of young people, he shared another experience about a mom who had lost faith in her parental abilities because she could not bring her children to God, and how God used him to bring her children to Christ after he prayed and ministered to them. He went on to talk about the cluelessness of the Gen Z generation and how they’re in quest for what to believe in, a direction and path to follow; he insists that they are in need of the word of God and when we reach out to them and bring them to God, they’re ready to toe that path.

More importantly, Ryan observes that it’s not enough to parent our kids anymore, that God has strategically placed us where we are for the people around us, and it’s our duty to reach out to them and allow God to use us to bless their lives. This resonates with what Joseph Z has been teaching and prophesying about “Assigned Location”; how we must trust God to direct us where he wants us to be because the safest place to be is where God has called us to be. Ryan then went on to observe that when God performs a miracle in someone’s life, they’re at that very moment, eager to hear what we have to tell them afterwards; he cautions that the reason why people don’t believe in God today is bad teaching and he encourages us to always use the word of God in order to achieve great results in the places God has called us. 

He went further to teach that, “We can have more faith in our own faith than we do in the word of God”. He then talked about his internship programme where he trains young people in the word of God and also equips them educationally. They also gain life skills that’ll help them in life, like telephone skills and how to interact with people in a cordial manner. He then concluded with healing prayers and Joseph Z encouraged us to check the internship programmes out and consider enrolling ourselves or our kids for our general life well-being in Christ.

“The devil may have the biggest youth groups, but we’re going to take it away with the help of God”. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:53 Kingdom Youth Conference

03:27 Miracle Stories

06:36 What God Wants Us to Know about Healing

09:15 Hope for the Next Generation

14:20 Parenting is not Enough

15:51 How to Approach the Younger Generation

18:45 Bad Teaching: Hindrance to Breakthrough

20:33 The Internship Programme

23:37 Prayers & Conclusion


April 26, 2023