Clay Clark on CERN, Baphomet, Elon Musk’s Dark Side, Digital Currency, & MORE!!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z was joined in the studio by Clay Clerk, they discussed the new form of digital currency, the CERN activities and the connection certain important individuals have to Baphomet. Clark proceeded by outlining that MIT developed the quantum dot, which stores medical and financial records under the skin, they also developed the CBDC via the Hamilton Project; the MIT lab was funded by Epstein and Gates, and the quantum dot network binds all these bodies together. He proceeded further by disclosing what Baphomet is, analysing and connecting the important personalities who idolize this figure indirectly. He then explains that Baphomet is the symbol of satan, and the Bible warns us about this in James 1:8 which says, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways”. This relates to the ambiguity of the figure, as one is unable to tell whether it’s human or animal, as it is made of human and animal forms. 

Moving forward they looked into AI slightly, which they admitted is too complicated for the human mind. They went on to analyze CERN and made reference to the word of the Lord in Revelation 2:13 which Clark made us understand to be a perfect description of the symbolism of where CERN is currently located.

Moreso, they raised concern over the present predicament of humans which is an addiction to technology; this translates to idol worship, as mankind has become more preoccupied with technology than they’re with God. This was further backed up by the word of God drawn from Acts 17:29. They went on to dive into the CERN network and analyzed exactly what the overall activities of CERN entail.

Interestingly, they revealed that in years to come, people will be able to clone themselves and it’ll be possible to download the human brain and connect them to computers. Clay went on to charge us to read the Bible, specifically Luke 21 and Matthew 24, and Revelation 6 for a better understanding of what is going on in the world right now.

Watch today's broadcast to find out more about the many mysteries unravelled.

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0:00 Introduction

02:22 CBDC: Overview

04:46 Baphomet: The Connection

08:22 James 1:8

09:46 CERN’s Location

11:11 CERN: The Google Quantum Computer

12:03 The New CBDC: Quantum dot Network

13:06 The Media Access Code: 5G

15:39 Google Earth: The Mystery

16:51 Acts 17:29: Idolizing Technology

18:20 Open AI

19:25 CERN: More Revelations

25:55 Conclusion 


April 27, 2023