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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z revisited his prophecy of January 5 2023, where he revealed that this year would be a strange one, in that, AI technology will accelerate and we can see that now with the new Chat GPT which is a learning algorithm that helps people do things like writing and academic researches. He emphasizes that AI will accelerate as what we see now is the tip of the iceberg. Accordingly, he recounted his broadcast of April 24, 2023, where he talked about UFO deception, which encompasses events that have manifested through global tech, the blue beam, and the demonic fallen angels who’re looking for permission to manifest in the physical through physical bodies. He insists that all of these going on, is a way to usher in a one-world order.

Moving on, Joseph revisits his prophecy of April 25 2023, where he reveals that the voices of those opposing the truth will begin to decline. He insists that the Lord God will make a way and that there’ll be a great uniting of platforms which the Lord will use to release real truth. He went on to reveal that the truth of the gospel will have another round, and the truth of information will also have one more round of the culture; he insists again that there’ll be a uniting from all the people the nefarious perpetrators are trying to silence, to create a platform where truth can be made accessible by everyone. 

Also, Joseph recounted his broadcast of April 26 2023, where he interviewed Ryan about the good works the Lord is doing through him. Ryan recounted his experiences regarding the healing miracles God performed through him. He went on to discuss the state of the Union of Young People and how they can be captured for God. He insists that the young ones are looking for something to fight for and believe in, and when we approach them with the word of God, we’ll be surprised at how willing they will be to take it up passionately.

Furthermore, Joseph allowed us a sneak peek into his broadcast of April 27, 2023, with Clay Clerk; where Clay explained the hidden mystery behind CERN’s location using the scripture taken from Revelation 2:13. He unravelled the mystery behind CERN’s activities and reveals how they’re opening up portals into other dimensions. He went on to disclose that some countries have teamed up to kickstart de-dollarization which will eventually devalue the dollar. 

Additionally, Joseph Z reveals his activities for the week and the weeks to come pertaining to spreading the word of God and gathering harvests for God. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:23 UFO Narrative

04:28 CERN: The Real Issue

07:03 Decline of Voices

08:09 A Great Uniting of Platforms

09:43 Another Round of Truth

10:45 Healing Miracles 

12:34 State of the Union of Young People

15:52 Revelation 2:13: CERN’s Location

17:33 Media Access Code

18:45 Digital Currency: De-Dollarization

20:09 Conclusion


April 28, 2023