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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about hope in the middle of darkness. He acknowledges that we’re in a time of darkness, where there are challenges in society, and the antichrist spirit is ravaging the lives of people; but the word of God in Psalm 73:1-20 reveals a great hope that we should hold unto. He makes us realise that God wants us to bless those that persecute us, he also points out that the Lord teaches us during our time of persecution and if we could pause a little and rethink, we’ll see the need to pray for those who persecute us. 

Moving on, he made us understand that things may be going well for our persecutors, and we feel left out by God, as though we’re cast away; but the Lord charges us not to envy them or be bitter because terror will catch up with them unawares. He went on to teach us that the ungodly shall have a bitter end, but our own end is filled with hope and mercy.

Moreso, Joseph made reference to the word of the Lord from Psalm 34:1-17, which assures us that God will save us from all our troubles if we continually put our trust in him. He insists that the Lord hears us and delivers us from all our troubles; when we humble ourselves before the Lord, He will uplift us. He then proclaims that our battle is not over until we win. 

Assuringly, Joseph reminds us of Jesus' love for us, he declares strength in our household and releases the favour of God over our lives. He went on to caution that, no matter what the world throws at us, we should celebrate because the end of our lives will be a celebration of the kingdom of God. Joseph assures us that we’re, “A flaming torch among the sheaves”, and “On a bad day, we’ve been anointed and called to be the best there is”. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:34 Psalm 73

04:24 Prosperity of the Wicked

05:43 Are the Wrong People Winning?

06:39 People Challenging God

09:04 Joseph’s Experience: Bless Your Persecutors

12:00 Compassion for the Ungodly

13:00 The Internal Perspective: Sanctuary of God

15;10 The Reward for the Wicked

17:15 The Good News

18:50 Psalm 34: God’s Promises for the Righteous 

24:47 Conclusion


April 30, 2023