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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about how we can continue to excel, outgrow our yoke of contentment and attain glory to glory. He used an analogy of a friend who would only go to the gym once in ninety days and attributes the same attitude to lots of believers today. He also used the analogy of food to the body; our body requires food every day and as food is required for our health every day, so does our spiritual health require the word of God. 

Moving on, Joseph outlined some early church heretics and clarified the real identity of God with reference to the old testament compared with the new testament. He emphasised that the Glory of God in the old testament was revealed externally, and God was not different in the old testament than He was in the New. He went on to clarify that God wanted to be directly involved with the people in the old testament, but since the people demanded a king and a leader, He had to oblige them. God’s intentions have always been to be closer to His people, but the people were scared because of their fallen nature. He then explains that the Glory of the Lord manifested without a mediator is terrifying to sin, which is why the Israelites were scared of meeting God face to face. 

Moreso, Joseph went on to clarify that the difference between God in the New and Old Testaments is that God of the old testament was direct spiritual holiness coming in contact with the direct fallen man(flesh), but in the New Testament, He sent His son Jesus Christ as a mediator between Him and mankind. God never changed, the covenant did. God did not alter the commandments but fulfilled them through Jesus Christ. He explained this concept further with the scripture drawn from James 1:23.

Furthermore, Joseph teaches that, to have a perfect encounter from glory to glory, we must read and meditate on the written word of God; this will bring forth transformation, and we’ll experience Jesus Christ because He’s the Word made flesh. He explains further that when we begin to believe in Jesus, we become born again, and we’ve to meditate on the word of God to become sons and daughters of God; a mindset that does not know the word of God is a carnal mindset. He further insists that there’s a glory that’ll be bestowed on us when we meditate and reflect on the word of God, which will lead us from Glory to Glory if we’re consistent. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:04 The Gym Analogy

02:27 The Food Analogy

03:51 The Old Testament Experience

04:47 The Heretics: Theologian History

07:41 Differences Between God in the Old & New Testament

10:45 God’s and Man’s Perception in the Old Testament

11:37 The Real Difference: God Never Changed

14:01 James 1:23: Mirror of the Word of God

15:43 John 1:1: The Word

21:29 The Word Made Flesh

22:55 Conclusion


May 1, 2023