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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z was joined by Todd Coconato and they discussed Todd’s revival, the dynamic of the gospel and hope for the future. Todd acknowledges that the world is going through a rough patch, but he believes that we have hope for the future, he alluded to our expectations of the Messiah and how He was expected to overthrow the government and deliver the people from their enemies but Christ moved in a different way instead. He insists that in that same manner, what we’re called to do, is to go after souls for Christ and not be distracted by the corruption of the government, as that would take our focus away from the real goal.

Moving on, they talked about Mario’s ministry and the healing miracles that God is performing through him. Todd alerts us that there is a move of God, and God has been changing the lives of people but unfortunately, that does not get the attention it deserves from the mainstream media. Joseph acknowledges that the future looks scary, but in everything, he insists that God is assigning locations to people and that people are expected to be where God has called them. Todd echoes in support and acknowledges that we must be out there and prepared, as no one knows what lies ahead. He then asserts that the best preparation is in our minds, and he declares that God is raising new warriors for the kingdom and then cautions that the Church is not to be trifled with.

Moreso, Todd teaches that the best way to gain God’s anointing upon our lives is to read and meditate on His word consistently.  He went further to talk about his encounter with God, and his first experience with the Church. He charges us not to sit on the fence anymore, and give our all to God; he also insists that we as children of God, have an answer to everything going on in the world today. Todd continued by sharing the angelic encounter he had which commanded him to “come out from among them and be consecrated”, and he explains that God expects us to exit the Babylonian system, that the Church is supposed to set the pace and not fall into the steps of the society or how the nations demand us to be. 

Furthermore, he came clean about the way he felt when he was converted, and he charges us to not feel unworthy and filthy before God. He prays that we forgive ourselves because God has already forgiven us; he then further prays that God gives us the understanding to step into the anointing and where He’s called us. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:33 The Revival

05:01 The Rise of Darkness: Hope for the Future

07:38 The Greatest Move of God

09:18 Miracle Testimonies

12:46 The Bleak Future & Assigned Locations

13:28 Counter of Light Against Darkness

15:55 Warrior Class Christians

17:44 Todd’s Encounter with God

22:15 Come out From Among Them

25:29 The Church as a Pace Setter

27:30 Conclusion 


May 2, 2023