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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z was joined by Massey Campos, as they talk about constitutional truth, spiritual truth and what we can do as a society to begin to address the issues going on. Joseph acknowledges that the top may be the issue right now, but it’s the local governments that can begin to make the real change, and he also believes there’s hope for one more round for our nation. Massey took the baton and commented on the goings-on with the US government, regarding the Constitution, how it’s being violated subtly, and how the leaders have grown deaf to the wails of people and of what is right. He discloses also, how there’s a figurehead in the guise of a president who’s being used by a few people behind the scene to create a hazardous society. 

Moving on, Massey addressed the state of the US local government and how it’s God-conscious. This lays credence to his thoughts on how God does not need numbers to win a war but people who’ll trust in Him, so He can show His power. He made some references to the past history of the US which gives him hope for the future of the US. Additionally, he affirms that there’s another round of unprecedented intervention of God, and then charges us to fight, and not to lose hope just because the Church doesn't have the number; rather, we should trust God to win the battle for us in spite of the numbers. This resonates with what Joseph Z taught a while ago regarding the Gideon analogy of how God used a three hundred to defeat millions.

Interestingly, Massey proclaims that in the darkest ages, Christ has always had His Church, and in more dark years to come, Christ will still have His Church. He challenges us to get on our knees, to fast and pray for the nation for a change. Also, Massey reveals that each State in the US was set up as a federal government, to be free and independent; that the states have the power and not what we see today with power concentrated at the federal level. He charges us to be like the sons of Issachar, who understand the times, and rise up as a Church to declare our independence from the government. 

Moreso, Massey encourages us not to feel defeated because all the darkness all over the place is a sign from God to stand up and tap into our God-given power to make a change. Joseph acknowledges that there’s a need for revival and an urgent need to approach this through education. Massey echoes his support and insists that the harder the conflict the greater the triumph, he charges us to rise and show the world that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Joseph then teaches that we need the completeness of the gospel, but then it’s important we educate ourselves and get to know what’s going on in the world, to be able to tackle it. 

Furthermore, Joseph took the wheels and made a prophetic revelation regarding Massey and about the US, where he sees that there’s one more round and God expects it to come from us; Massey affirms this by insisting that we as a people make up the nation and we as a people have rights, given to us by the universe and are expected to rise and make the change. Joseph concludes that we must get the gospel into us and that we must do what we can, as we can; then watch God play His own part. 

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0:00 Introduction

04:41 Massey’s Ministry

06:56 State of the US Government: Any Silver lining?

08:55 US States: More Authority than the Federal?

12:41 Power of the Local Government: Throwback to History

14:29 Hope for the US: One More Round

15:00 Prophetic Hope

17:48 A Call for Prayer & Total Surrender to God

22:04 States as Independent Entities

25:34 Re-education & Revival

28:09 The Harder the Conflict, The Greater the Triumph

32:24 Prophetic Revelations: One More Round & Conclusion


May 4, 2023